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Greetings from the nightshift.....

Hi all....

I'm on day 4 SS, managed 100% with no real problems so far. On nights at work at the minute....which is normally where the temptation is but I've told my colleagues to keep the food away! I've been doing laps of the car park everytime I get chance....just to get some exercise in!

I think i'll probably struggle more on my days off if I get bored....but I must say....reading through posts on here are very motivating. So thanks to you all for your diaries, pictures and for making me feel like i'm not on my own :)
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Nearly there...
Hi Gem, I'm nights this week too. Today has been hard as I've been up all day... Had an extra bar (eek!!) but not too worried. I walk around a bit, but not a lot, in work so burning a bit extra off!! I tend to settle into routine on nights from tomorrow onwards when my sleep patterns adjust, etc. It can be hard though. Ketosis is key ;)

Sauce x
Crikey, I can't imagine working nights and doing this.
Bravo ladies x


Nearly there...
Pfft it can be hard, peeing keeps me awake ;) x
Ha ha, that's true, it keeps me awake too!! :)


Nearly there...
lol :D how're you finding the diet? I've got my last stone left ;) xx
Generally not toooooo bad. Have had some cravings but displaying an extraordinary willpower which I never knew I had!
I have 3 young children so making their meals is the hardest, never have potato smilies looked so irresistible as when you are due a shake or soup.
However, just had my 2nd week weigh in and lost 6 1/4lb so that's 12 3/4 in 2 weeks. Worth the pain!
Massive Well Done for your losing 33lb, 1 stone to go - exciting!! x


Nearly there...
Lol, funny how things can become appealing isn't it. Thanku, its been a long time and I think I have around a stone left. Want to drop right down to 8 to allow for water. Then going to see how I get on with low gi and a bit of exercise - not a million miles from cwp really... I find this site marvelous though and it helps to have others to talk to. I'm lucky I don't have to cook for anyone :D well done u too! Xx
Sites like this are great - I'm not sure I would be quite so focused without it, I am completely obsessed mind, have taken myself away from normal life for a bit to make sure I'm not tempted.
I say focused, some of my friends are calling it boring, and my husband is tolerating me! :0) x


Nearly there...
Eh losing weight isn't boring! boring is moaning about ur weight and overeating!! You are doin well so far and there is loads of support on here for u chick. X
Yeah, its because I'm normally very sociable and I've taken myself out of life for a bit so I can 'focus'.
Most of the stuff we do tends to be heavily focused around food so its difficult to be around.
They are all being really supportive though x


Nearly there...
It helps when you have support, I agree. I've found I've been a bit of a hermit unless I'm on a break or so deeply into ketosis that u could wave anything in my face and it wouldn't bother me :D
On another note, I tried an amazing sunbed today. It had vibration plates built in!! Brilliant for toning and increases the bloodflow for ur tan :D sorry - had to share lol

Sauce xx

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