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Grey's Anatomy


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I LOVE GA, but I think I'm a bit further ahead than you in it, the one's I'm watching are the ones airing in the USA just now

Its fab, keep watching :D

:D OMG i LOVE Grey's, i am completly hooked, im watching it online every friday as its aired in the US on a thursday im on ep.13 now of the new season. I wont give any spoilers tho but do keep watching :D

Who is your fav character?
Just started watching it over Xmas - only on Season 2 , but I'm really hooked!!

It had been recommended a few times, but only just got round to watching - now I know what I've been missing!!


Thoroughly Determined
:D OMG i LOVE Grey's, i am completly hooked, im watching it online every friday as its aired in the US on a thursday im on ep.13 now of the new season. I wont give any spoilers tho but do keep watching :D

Who is your fav character?
My favourite characters are Sloane and Callie. Their interaction is hillarious. But post-Arizone, Callie's gone a bit weird and I don't like her as much, but I do love her new hair!

I also loved Izzie and George. I love George's innocence. Don't like Karev, but he's so cute when he's on his paeds rotation!!


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I am absolutely hooked. And I can't stop myself.
It's funny, infuriating, sad, emotional and exciting all at the same time!

Just starting Season 4 now - it's so weird that they're not interns anymore!

Anyone else a great G.A. follower?! :)

B x
Now fully up to date, and awaiting the next one to air in the US. It's got SOOO much better!
Love Teddy and Owen, and Callizona... :)
Im watching at US Pace too. Adore this show so much. I love Christina and Bailey and Alex. The most recent episode with all the med students / interns made me laugh so much, much needed after the school based episode me thinks!!
Another GA fan here. Mad one at that..

I'm watching at the UK pace but don't mind being behind the USA, currently though due to not having full sky+ features, I can't watch one thing while recording another, so got Wednesdays episode of GA to watch tonight in order to catch up. (could watch it now but waiting till OH comes home from work)

Glad they made Yang the one too suffer the most, hopefully the latest case will go ok and she will be helped to pull through it all. If your up to date you will know what I mean, if not it shouldn't really spoil anything for you..

Out of all of them I love Yang, and am a big Mc Steamy and Mc Dreamy fan. Also really like Arizona and Bailey is great too. Thankfully I can see them all playing a great role in the show, its nice to have a show where I don't see one or two characters that don't fit and who could easily be killed off or replaced with other characters. I am talking about the new season here, as last season and in fact many of the previous ones had characters in which I grew to dislike for one reason or another..
I'm another GA addict!
I absolutely love it, it's just brilliant. I think the last season was a bit cringey.. particularly when they were all in the OR on their phones! That kind of stuff annoys me about it but the drama is just fantastic so I forgive it :')
It's my ultimate favourite program, my favourite scene is when Derek calls Meredith a whore in I think season 2? And just the total bitterness and clear jealously, completely love that scene. I also love the "Pick me, choose me, love me" scene - it's so powerful and heartwrenching :(
I can't find many people who like it so it's good to find a place to talk about it :p

I love the first seasons best, Addison and Izzie were some of my favourites and Callie was another favourite but she's changed in the later seasons and I don't really like it (I agree post Arizona!). I like Christina and her sarcasm, McSteamy (although he's gone a bit too soft after Calzona + his daugher and her baby + Sophia) and Alex :)

I'm having withdrawals already, anyone know when season 8 starts?! x
I do love GA...I may be saying this in the wrong forum and won't give away any details, but I was sooooon disappointed in the ending of s7! Not up to the usual standard of GA at all! Saying that tho, ending of s2 was out of this world!!xx


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Another ga fan here too! And I was mightily distressed at how George left!, he was my fave. I still love it though and can't wait for season 8. I agree that season7 ending was not usual greys standard. Wasn't as good as previous ones. I'm a latecomer to greys only started watching in Jan and I watched all the first 6 series by march!, x
It really is...I've lost days just watching episode after episode!! There are so many good bits, think the bomb episode is one of my faves tho!xx
The bomb episode is good, but the shooting.... My heart!! And the tears...
Grey's Anatomy is one of my favourite shows ever. Think my fave overall character is Bailey. I love the Chief too - the episode when he dyed his hair made me laugh so much! I loved George and I was in tears when Meredith realised it was him in the hospital :cry:To be fair, I've loved all the characters, old and new. I can't wait for the new series!
Not sure how much longer the show is going to be running for as some of them (I believe please don't quote me on this) don't have contracts passed season 8...
I've heard similar rumours, zebredy. One of the entertainment shows speculated that Patrick Dempsey may be leaving the show. I sure hope not!

My favourite character was George (mainly because I thought he was cute, hehe). I was so sad about what happened to him - at least with Izzie there's a remote possibility of future guest appearances. I also like Cally and I enjoy the comedic relief bits involving the chief.

I'm looking forward to the new season starting up!
Yeah the guy who played George, sure wasn't comfortable in the lime light.

And as for Izzie (Katherine Heigl) apparently she didn't leave because of movie fame, but because of family reasons and wanting to spend more time with her adopted daughter.

She was one of my favourites in the beginning (I even named one of my cats Izzy, ok not spelt quite the same but it was after the character)

I'm really liking Arizon and Mark Sloan and Callie, but I do also really like Yang as to me she is one of the more realistic (well aside from bedside manner)

I'm really craving some Greys Anatomy tonight lol good job I own some of the DVDs :)
I watched the episode aired on Living this week earlier tonight and then gave in and downloaded eps 22 and 23 (penultimate episode) of Series 8 :eek: No spoilers, but I forgot how evil Shonda Rhimes is when it comes to season finales.

I have a feeling that I'll need a whole box of tissues for the finale :cry:No change there then!

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