Group weight losses


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Those who attend WI groups, what were the weight losses/gains like this week after Christmas?
In our group that attended tonight, there were about 20 of us, which is a few less than normal. I think some were too scared to attend, which is really sad considering no-one has done really well, and at least we braved the dreaded WI... and, as it was Christmas, a gain is really expected.
We only had two losses, each of half a pound, so they were joined SOW..
we had 2 STS, a couple each of one and two pound gains and the rest were gains of 2.5 up to 6.5!
Our consultant, who herself gained 2 pounds was really pleased that we all attended and are all eager to draw a line and continue on the right track, after New Year's Eve in some cases!
It just goes to show that we are all in the same boat, and as long as we get right back on track, there is no problem in a gain. It will come off, and soon too!
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Our highest gain was 8.5lbs and then they ranged from there to losses of 2lb. Our group is quite popular and one of the top 10 in the country, our C is so motivational and has lost 7st herself so we always have decent losses no matter what time of year. Having said that, the total weight gained of the group more than doubled the weight loss of the group but everyone had fun and we're all motivated to get back on track which is the main thing


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We only had a drop in weighing in session this evening so I don't know how the others faired. I mangaed to gain a mere one pound. I am very aware that my portion sizes are probably a lot smaller than they were this time last christmas so although I had ALL the goodies, i had far less of them. The lady i was chatting to had lost 1.5 lbs and her friend had gained 3 lbs


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We didn't have too many stay to our group yesterday. I was SOTW with a loss of 1/2 a pound! Everyone else there had a gain, the most being 4.5 pounds. Everyone was upbeat though and ready to get back on track this week.


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We probably only had a third of the people who normally come to group last night. We didn't have any losses at all and only 2 maintains. The highest gain we had was 8lb but that was over 2 weeks, the highest gain over one week was 5lb.

A lot of people were really pleased they had only gained 1 to 2lb as they knew they were going to get rid of it again next week :)


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We only had half as many as usual and it wasn't a full meeting. We had a couple of losses of 2lb and a couple of 1lb gains. The rest varied between that and 7lb gains.
Like Malaika said, a lot missed the group due to the fear of the scales and many had no intention of coming to this class even before Christmas!
I'm sure next week and the week after will see a massive influx of newbies and a return of a few oldies at class :)


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