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At the moment I see my clients on a 1:1 basis. But I have noticed I am getting quite a few from an area about 5miles away ... so I'm debating doing a group session(s) once a week. If that was successful, maybe taking it to other areas.

My questions to you CD-ers is:
  1. would you go to/like the option of a group session? or do you prefer 1:1?
  2. how would you want it managed?
Any CDC's who currently do group sessions (and I know there are a few):
  1. how do you organise stock?
  2. how does your group run?
(if you'd prefer to email me, that's fine!)
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Hi. I cant help you on this but I too would be interseted in how others run groups and what you as the client would think about this. Currently most of my clients say they prefer 1 2 1 but for maybe more on maintenance this would be more appropriate, Who knows? Whats your take on this?

again if you prefer to email or to pm that is fine




100% all the way!
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I'm obviously not a CDC but, I think it depends on the individual as to whether they prefer 1:1 or group. I'm sure some won't mind group sessions, but for me personally I perfer the 1:1's as I wouldn't feel comfortable in a group. I know thats probably not much help but I thought I would say anyway! x x x
I'd like to meet other CDers in my area! I couldnt do this diet on my own so support is invaluable to me, and i like the idea of group sessions - but not in the way WW do it. I dont like the 2standing in line waiting to be weighed" at all.
I don't run groups but often have people coming in 2's and 3's - i did originally plan to run groups but then didn't feel comfortable doing it, just didn't suit my style.

When there is a glut of new starters though (like at the moment) i do run a starter session where i can explain all about the diet in one go - quite often if they have really got on well they will carry on coming together in future.

Would be easy to run a group though - just get them to email all the orders in advance so you have their bags packed up ready and they can chat amongst themselves while you do the weighing and money!

Good luck!
I like being 1 to 1 - feel I can be more open with CDC that way


One Day at a Time
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Just thought I'd put my two-penneth in. I started LL back in July last year (obviously within a group). Within two sessions a group of 4 of us had bonded enough to decide that the LLC was absolutely terrible, a hopeless example and more interested in her own life that helping us lose weight. So we jumped ship TOGETHER. We found our LOVELY CDC Jackie and explained that we found the group motivation central to our successful abstinence and that we thought it was the only thing we'd miss from LL. Sure the foodpacks were going to be better. Jackie welcomed us slightly insane 4 women with open arms and we've had group sessions ever since. She does say it does get a bid mad sometimes and its hard to work out receipts and things when we're talking ten to the dozen but she likes it and it makes a change from her normal clients. We always have the option of having a personal appointment in addition to this one and we are of course always welcome at Pop-in.

Between us we've lost Approx 16 Stone in the past 6 months and this way really does work for us. I know Jackie doesn't come on here very often because she is SOOOO busy (deservedly so) but I really must say she is an inspriational CDC and a great friend. You know who you are - we love you x
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I quite like the idea of group meetings, for the support from other ladies in the same boat. But I think the lining up to be weighed would need to be considered. It would be great if you had a little seperate area for the weigh ins and you called the ladies up one at a time, someone else could help you out with the stock and the money etc
I think it depends on the individual. I would not mind group meetings, after all it has worked for WW, Slimming World etc.

It's nice to share highs, lows and just have a general big old blether with other CDers.

I used to be a weigher for WW for 3 years and made so many friends.
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Last year, I ran a group for a number of friends (which varied between 6 - 10 people) who wanted to do CD together. As they live about 10 miles away, it made more sense for me to visit them at one of their homes on a weekly basis rather than them all come to my house. I don't know how it would work for people who are total strangers, but this worked really well as they already knew each other and were able to support one another as well as having my weekly visits to motivate them too.

I would ask them to either phone or email me with their orders a few days in advance so I was able to ensure I had everything they wanted in stock - and then it was just a case of packing the individual orders and loading up the car.

When I got there, I would see each one individually to weigh them (the others would sit and chat in the kitchen) and talk through any issues/questions they had and then we would all come together at the end for a mass measuring session .. which was usually a lot of fun :)


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I prefer to be weighed seperately from prying eyes but when I went to my cdc`s there was always someone else there and we used to chat about our progress etc.......I did enjoy the chats. So I would say yes to the group sessions but maybe weigh out of sight from other people
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Like Blue Grapefruit I too would like to meet other CDers from my area and also agree about the never ending WW weigh in queue. I think as long as the group was kept quite small (8 - 12) I think it would work well.

Hopes this helps you

S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Thanks everyone - certainly something to think about.

This would be an as well as session ... so anyone not comfortable coming to the group, would still have the option of 1:1 at my house as per normal. Not intending giving up on 1:1 ... just wondered about experimenting with a group, as I see many of my clients are coming from a certain area.

Thanks all of you, I shall look in to it - and if I go ahead I'll let you know how it progresses!

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