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Growling Tummy & Ketosis

Morning all, just wondered if anyone gets woken up in the night with their stomache talking to them and waking them up? its been happening to me for a week or so now also i get extreame heartburn like when i was pregnant :eek: (im not) its not making sense coz i have eaten nothing to make me feel this way (apart from the no food and growling). also i bought some ketostix and have been using them regually to makesure all is well. when i started using them they were dark purple and i was advised to dink more water which i done and it reduced the colour to a nice pinky but nowits back up to dark purple anyone help on this matter, could that be why ialso get extreamly dizzy when i stand up? sorry for all the questions but im a bit concerned!!! thanks x:confused:
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No one can help then?
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Hey yummy mummy - not sure if I can help BUT when I started this diet I was woken regularly with my tummy talking to me (loudly) and growling as if I was hungry .. it's just your body adjusting to the lack of food being shovelled in (least that was the case for me anyhow)

With regards to the ketosis .. how much water are you drinking a day??

BTW, I still get dizzy if I stand up too quickly .. I think that's jsut one of the perils of this diet!!

You are doing really well so far .. should not take you long to get to your goal if you keep it up!!

hey yummy mummy,
when its dark purple on the ketostix it means ur not drinkin enough water...but im sure u already no that cus u wer told before right? but if ur on dark purple n dizzy i would say ur stil not drinkin enough water...i had it too n if u dnt u can get really bad headaches aswell.
I hope this helps ya. xx
Yah ive got the bad headaches, im drinking about 3litres a day and more if im having a bar or tetra. thanks for the repliesand ill keep an eye on it and most of all ill have to stop jumping up so quickly
Hiya - haven't had that problem myself....:rolleyes:

hope you get it sorted....




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Hey hun,

I found that eating the bars made my tummy gurgle like crazy!! Am having a week off them this week and feeling much better.

Also I found I felt really ill having two flavour shakes mixed together, had to go for a long sleep to wait for the effects to wear off! I think its due to the high concentration of nutrients combined with not enough water.

Having said that, I haven't been troubled by it at night at all- maybe try having your last foodpack a bit earlier?

Yeah maybe ill have to give it a go, its driving me crazy, how you getting on?


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S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Good thanks,

Only lost 2lbs between monday and friday- reckon its water retention as have been rly bad at drinking! But got on the scales this morning and have lost 4lb now so am blaming the water! That brings me to a stone lost in 13 days :) am noticing the differences already in my clothes and stuff. Havent been tempted yet so all good i guess!!

The bars made my tummy rumble like mad but today I've been sitting in college all day and everyone kept looking at me because my tummy wouldnt stop rumbling. But i'm sure it was because I hadnt drunk enough water(I didnt want to keep running out to the loo!!)


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