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grrr in a really bad mood and just want to eat LOADS

You dont want one!!!! What a git!!!!

you want to spend some well deserved time with you! PAMPER TIME!! Not take away time. Nails, bubble bath, book, DVD, stuff you've wanted to do for a while but havent had a chance too??

Trust me on this one.....you'll feel worse!!!!! (see yesterday posts!!!) The guilt and misery isnt worth it.

What diet are you doing? Are you sole source (3 or 4?) AAM? 790? 810?

Stay strong. You can do it. xxxxxxxxx
Worst case scenario you could add some chicken to some chick and mush soup so you feel like you've eaten and it wont impact your ketosis! xx


Feeling Motivated
Reason not to have a takeaway ... You will feel worse not better!

Hang in there, I've had to deal with boyf going out without me, really hard but think of the end goal and why you are doing the diet

I know!! I'm jst in a vile mood now! I'm doing ss! To be honest jst posting it on here has made me feel better! Well that's good logic saphire but once I start I won't stop! Thanks lauren its so annoying having to stay in on your own isn't it! Grrr feeling better now!
Well that's good logic saphire but once I start I won't stop!
Chick, join the club. I ate LOADS yesterday, and I cant stop thinking about anything else now.

My other half works 3:30pm to 11:30pm wed to sun and we live separately. I never get to see him apart from monday nights!!!!
I could do with his support (in person) sometimes!!!!


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I had an immense toddler like paddy the last time he went out, it must have only been the 3rd time maybe? But I was like - your out every flippin weekend, I have to stay home & be boring! Ra ra ra....

I think sometimes this diet makes us slightly irrational & maybe before, I would have got a takeaway to cheer me up, but now can see the end in sight ... Well 31lbs away but I know I'm doing the better thing staying in :)

A bath & pamper evening is Soooo much better than a hangover!
Yeh I feel like having a tantrum lol! .. He works away mon-fri and I find it easier when he's not around! We live apart aswell ! He eats constantly and was really good at first tried to eat around me but now the novelty has worn off! So all weekend I have to stop myself from dribling everytime he's eating lol
Why do they eat constantly! I got up to go for a wee the other night and he was still up eating a bloody boost!! I was like, you are not eating that in here!!!!!!!!!! GR!

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