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GRRRRRR at my husband

He has just walked in from work and for the very first time EVER he decided to go to the supermarket on the way home.. he has come back with a whole bag full of complete and utter RUBBISH. Peanuts, liquorice whirls, ginger nuts, coconut macaroons - all my bl**dy favourites :mad:

Why didn't he ever do this when I wasn't trying to lose weight?

Why is he sabotaging my weight loss?

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Hmm, men hey. He's either doing it because

a) you've chucked all the "goodies" out which he misses


b) he doesn't want you to lose weight as you'll be super sexy and he'll have more competion.

HAH! Well it's definitely not B I don't think he would consider me to ever be super sexy lol!!!!!

A is a good point BUT the thing is that we never really have any goodies in the house anyway!

HAHA after eating half a packet of the ginger nuts (I have slapped myself HARD now) I have packed the entire lot of rubbish food in a bag and put it in his car, he can take it and pig out on it at work!

Doesn't help that he is 6'4 and is like a long gangly stick insect!!!!!!!!
Good on you for putting it in his car!!

Hmm, he's def done it for a reason, I reckon it's the super sexy one.
In his defense and in manly logic, he might be doing it to 'treat you' for doing well. Madness to us I know - but thats why my boyf does it! xx
my fella is always going on about me running off with someone else lol

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