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Guacamole & houmus


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Google gave about 6 different answers Guacamole so I can't work out a general concensus. I was thinking of swapping Mayonnaise for Guacamole as I start slimming world, but it actually seems from some of the answers that I've seen that it's actually higher than mayonnaise! I was thinking of using carrot sticks and something to dip them in as a grazing food, but I dunno if it's gonna work if it's that high! Can anyone supply a definitive answer for these two?
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I'm slightly confused by your post as you seem to be asking about hummus and guacamole and then start talking about mayonnaise .

On slimming world you could make a SYN free hummus recipe which would be free on a green day or EE Day:-

1 tin Chick Peas, drain but reserve some juice, juice of 1 lemon, 1 Garlic clove, Salt, Paprika, Garlic Powder , Frylight

Whizz drained chick peas, a little chick pea liquid, lemon juice & Garlic in a food processor until smooth

Add salt, paprika & garlic powder to taste

Add a few sprays of frylight & blitz. Refrigerate

Guacamole is high in SYNS because it is made with avocado. You could try making a lower SYN version - but I have yet to find a recipe low enough in SYNS for me

Mayonnaise - Hellmans make an extra light one ; 2 Tblsp = 1 SYN

There are other sauce recipes on here low in syns eg Garlic Mayo

You could try Greek Yog or similar?

I hope this helps


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Likes cheese
The reason I mentioned Mayonnaise was because I was looking at Guacamole as a replacement dipping food. Seems like that would be a bad idea then! What is it about Avacodos that makes them particularly unhealthy then? They seem to be the only veg item that isn't that good for you. I like the sound of that syn free hummus so I'll definitely try making that. Greek yoghurt sounds like a good idea too, I hadn't thought of that at all. Thanks for the help :)


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Avocado is good for you but not if you are trying to lose weight as they are high in fat. About 75% of the calories in an average avocado comes from fat and so they are 14/15 syns on slimming world.


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I think I saw a recipe on Slimming Eats for guacamole made from peas. I'm on my phone so can't link but if you google 'slimming eats guacamole' I reckon it will come up. I haven't tried it myself as I syn half an avocado every week but the recipes on that site that I've tried have all been good. She also has a recipe for sweet potato hummus that is yummy. :)

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