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Guess what!!!!!

Doesn't time go quickly! Roll on the fine weather, although I'm trying not to wish my life away - it's a fine balance LOL
Mad isn't it! This Saturday coming it's 45 weeks until Christmas - don't shout at me!! Was thinking of starting a Christmas challenge to follow the Valentine's challenge - a long haul one??? xxx
But, isn't it great, that, especially when we have a bright day, how lovely and LIGHT it stays for so much longer now!

Makes you think Spring really IS on the way!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Except we haven't seen the sun for over a week and it's SNOWING as I write this :eek:
I've definitely noticed the lighter mornings and evenings already...that's so lifting for the spirits...even when it's murky and grey like today.

Time is definitely whizzing though...*sigh* I never believed my mother when she said time would speed up as I got older. She was right though!
Yep - snowing here too - harldly any but will probably mean severe delays on the tube on the way home tonight - they really do not know what to do when it snows down here!


Fighting the bulge
I know i cant believe how quickly time goes!! My sister had my nephew in November and he's over 2 months old now!!!

What is the next occasion for a challenge? The 1st day of summer?
Ooo that would be a good one as i have a 30th birthday to go to on the 20th March and i want to lose quite a bit by then! :)
It's mine on the 19th March - which coincides with 20 of us spending an alcohol fueled week in a country mansion in Lincolnshire! So maybe the 29th is not the best date - as I plan to completely not stick to SW and probably put a stone on :D I will be good til then and extra good afterwards!
i am officially tragic! i started buying some wee bits n pieces of xmas presents yesterday lol!!

there was some cheap clothing bargains on m&m direct so got them to put by for xmas! a polo shirt for my dad, jammies for my sister and a jacket n tshirt for my bro! they do old season brand names at rediculously low prices!

and a shop nearby me was doing boujois (sp? the makeup brand anyway!) lipglosses two for a pound! they are normally £7 each!! so got 6 for stocking fillers and seriously considering going back for more!

such a sucker for a bargain!

glad someone else does it too! :)

might as well make the most of the bargains while you can as the prices will all be up for xmas lol!


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