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Guess who's a little bit smug with herself...


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I'm off out tomorrow night on a girly night, so I've just spent the last hour upstairs having a fashion show deciding what to wear, like us girls do...... Anyway I have this pair of black lacey jeans (I know they sound gross, but they look dead sexy on) they have only ever fitted me once in my life, and even then I had to pour myself in to them and probably suffered from camel toe:eek:. They are my item of clothing that were my ultimate goal, if I fit in them then I was the thinnest I've ever been.

So whilst I was trying stuff on I thought I'd give them a go and see how far up my legs I could get them this time. Not only can I get them all the way up my legs... not only can get my bum in to them.... but I can fasten them up AND I've got plenty of room in them :eek:. I am officially the thinnest I've ever been, yay me :D
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Brilliant :D:D . I love stories like this ,always cheers me up. You must be thrilled good on ya :553::talk017:


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Hi Lou,
you should feel rightly smug, that's no bad thing when you have done as well as you have. Enjoy the feeling and the girlie night out. You've earned it.


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Thanks everyone, it is a good feeling. I won't be wearing the lacey jeans tomorrow by the way, still haven't got the confidence for owt a bit risky just yet ;)


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ah well done Lou, its some feeling, i too hav a night out with my dh sisters fri night and a bbq with friend sat night none know i'm on diet so i offered to be designated driver but so looking forward to doing that fashion show up in my room! goin to wait till fri (for max loss)

so if u not wearing lace jeans have u deceided on something else u delighted that u getting back in to?


I will be skinny again!!!

Well done Lou!!! thats brilliant!!!

Them teamed with your corset!! ooh I cant even begin to imagine :p :D


Here we go again!
Well done Lou, that's great. I now weigh a few pounds heavier than when I was 16!! Can't believe that!

By the way, love your new avatar, you look amazing!
Awww that's brilliant I'm delighted for you!
I love going through my skinny clothes and discovering thay fit- stuuuupidly after SIX days on LT I thought i'd give it a go:cry:silly me in fairness!!
I hope you've a great night out bet you feel terrific and you deserve to!!
That great lou, you have done so well, have a great night out you deserve it xx


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It must be a great feel, and you derserve to feel plenty smug, you are the thinest you've ever been which is amazing. Well done.


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Why not wear the jeans?!? (They sound great btw- I love stuff like that!) And pics are requested please!!
(ps- Love the new profile pic too- very glam!)
Well done, thats brilliant, little things like that show you how far you've come.
Fascinated by the jeans though, black and lacey...:confused:.......i think we need a pic, wear them.
yeah that fab i have a dress i wore for my 18 and a pair of white jeans that i lived in before i had my boys they are my i have made it thin stuff still in my cuboard be a while before they do but i will get there before christmas and hope to were the dress for xmas party as its lovely and only been worn once but it is timeless well done you stories like this keep me going especially when i finding it hard going x
You sexy beast LOU!!! You must show us a photo!!! Nothing smug about it, sweetie, you deserve to be totally proud of all your sacrifice that led to your success!


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Lou!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well done chicken :) :) :)
go you !!!

well done

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