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gym bunnies diary.

Hi everyone, i have been looking at everyones diaries for months now and I even tried to write one of my own which I did for a couple of days then gave up. But I really want to do this now as well as lose the rest of my weight.

I have always been a weight watchers girl and never thought about any other diet but like most of us I had tried them all and then I realised that I had never gave slimming world a go. So one night I just looked up my nearest group and joined that night weighing 13st 7lb. I went home thinking this will never work but I was willing to give everything a try before I gave up on myself. So after my group that night in bed I grabbed my books and studied them. And I can honestly say I never looked back after that.
Every week for 9 weeks I went to group and lost weight and the only 2 things I was doing was following the plans and exercising at the gym. I was 8.5lbs away from my target when I realised I had fallen pregnant. I was so happy that not long after the plans went out the window.
In 2010 6 weeks after I had had my little boy I re joined slimming world but oh god has it been so hard and difficult this time. I find now I eat and pick more as when im tired/stressed and on the go I just eat without thinking. and I carnt just toddle off to the gym like I did before.

I have managed to get down to my club 10 (12st 9lb) but have never got past that and the week after that I put on. I have done this through out my journey gone up and down like a yoyo. I bought a 12 week count down and I have 9 weeks left and was hoping to be around 12st for xmas.
Anyway sorry for my essay on my past so here is my diary for today:-

RED DAY. 28/10/11.

BREAKFAST:- milk (2xa) 30g multi grain krispies(5) banana
LUNCH:- salad and gammon. apple, pear, ringed doughnut(12)
DINNER:- salmon and sirfry veggies with soya sauce.
SNACKS:- fibre plus bar(b)melon and 4 x small choc bars (16) harvist morning bar(b)

todays syns is 33 and i have drank 1lt water.

I will be doing my syns over the week oh I weigh in on a tuesday or wednesday I will also edit this as and when things change. ;)
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bad weekend :(

hi diary and im so sorry i have not wrote for a few days.
over the weekend i got a i carnt be bothered approach and was feeling a bit down. anyway coz i was feeling like this i just munched away and by sunday i had got totally fed up with myself not to mention i was feeling all yuk and bloated.
so here is my line and my fresh start again.:rolleyes:
so today i made myself get up and go to the gym at 5am got there for 6 and did about 1hr and 30 mins walking and cross training. i have decided to go and what ever i do is good enough as i put too much pressure on myself and then think i have failed.

31/10/11 EE day.
breakfast - milk (a) and porridge oats (b).

snack - banana.

lunch - cottage cheese and eggs to make a quiche with a apple and pear

i was meant to have a salad with my lunch but i was buisy and didnt make time to prepare one. so dinner will be :-

dinner - brown rice with chicken and sw home made sweet and sour sauce. (3)

snacks - grapes figs and strawberries with a activia for later. (2.5) extra milk for tonight (4.5)

so i think that will be 10 syns used and 900 calories burnt.
i will be weighing in tomorrow as i just want to see what damage i have done get it out of the way and start fresh ;)
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hi malibu thanks for reading my diary. how are you and i hope your day has gone well. :)
well my first propper restart day has gone very well just need to get into the routine of making it regular. today i have also drank 1.5 lts of water which is good for me as normally i struggle to drink 1lt. i hope everyone is well and had a great day.
I had a gain this week so I'm also starting a fresh, I've done my shopping and will be attempting a 777 week (7 speed foods, 7 syns for 7 days).

Well done on your 100% day, and well done on the water, it is dificult to drink alot I agree.

Good luck for the week!!

Malibu xx
hi malibustacey im sorry to hear that you had a gain so together we can sort ourselves out :D good luck with your 777 approach and i hope it works well for you.;)

well today i woke up to have a big argument with my boyfriend. we have both been getting on each others nerves and doing our own seperate things and we never do anything together or as a family. this put me in such a bad mood so i had a good cry, put on a brave face for my little boy, got him out of bed changed and gave him his breakfast then we both headed out to slimming world i am so determined to not let the argument ruin my freash start. at my weigh in i have stayed the same:p which i was glad about as i thought i was going to put on. so here is a new week and a new day.

EE 1/5/11

HE A) 350ml skimmed milk
HE B) mon hi fi bar

lunch - ww bread (4) spaghetti in tomato sauce with an egg

snack - banana apple pear cadbury's cream egg(9)

dinner - chicken, leek, swede, carrot in oxo gravy (like a stew) and roast potatoes to go with it

snack and pudding - plum orange grapes with a activia yogurt(2.5)

so that is 15.5 syns used (15.5/70)
400 cals burnt off walking to group
and 1-1.5lt water drank

oh i did have a few little sweets that were left over from last night so i will call these my weigh in treat and work a little harder at the gym to compensate.
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hi today has been a much better day!

EE 2/11/11

HE A) 350ml skimmed milk
HE B) 5 scan bran

breakfast - i made a banana cake with my scan bran, banana, egg, water and sweetner.

lunch - baked potato with baked beans, 2 laughing cow extra light(2)

i went to the gym so for my snack i had

snack - biggest loser bar(5) apple and pear

dinner - minced beef made in to spag bol sauce(5) pasta

snack - grapes, plum and orange

syns for today is 12 (27.5/80)
i have burnt off 800 cals in the gym
i have drank 1lt water.
day 3 and still going strong

today is another EE day so here it goes

EE DAY 3/11/11

HE A) 350 ml skimmed milk
HE B) 6 finn crisp

breakfast - bacon, tinned tomatoes and 2 low fat sausages(1) ww bread(4)

lunch - 6 finn crisp with 3 laughing cow extra light(3) ham with pickles onions

snack- mug shot with apple, pear and plums

so far 8 syns and 330 cals burnt off on my wii

snack - 2 bananas

dinner - 2 sausages(1) mashed potato, veg and gravy(2.5) grapes, oranges.

so thats 11.5 syns used (39/80) and i also walked for an hour this evening so thats 280 but altogether 610 cals burnt off. and 1lt water drank.
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hi everyone today is going to be a success express day i think.


HE A)2 X 350ML skimmed milk
HE B)2 x 30g oats

breakfast - porridge with milk

snack - banana

lunch - ravioli with apple, orange and pear

snack - 2 x morn harvest bars(6)

dinner - lamb shank in gravy with veg and a few potatoes

i have had a danone fat free mango snackpot yogurt and some strawberries and grapes also i have had 2 x options hot chocolate drinks(4)

thats 10 syns for today (49/80)
600 cals burnt off (2400 altogether)
and about 1.5 lt water drank
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