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Hi everyone, found the forum today, which should be day 3 of my sole source, and all your sucess stories and pictures are really motivating, but I need some help, I am really struggling!

I'm on leave from work for another week, I'm scouring the house for something to eat, trying so hard not to let things slip into my mouth but its not working. I managed day one ok (I was with my boyfriend all day) yesterday and today have not been good.

What do you think? Wait till I am back into my normal routine on 14th January, or keep trying?

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. I feel like its head hunger and habbit rather than any real hunger, how do you wonderful sucessful people get round that?
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Hiya hun and welcome to minimins and well done on getting through to day 3....this is the worst day for you now so DONT GIVE IN the day is nearly over and things will get better, is there anything you can do to keep yourself occupied so you're not thinking about food??? Maybe do some online shopping of clothes that will fit in a month or play some of the arcade games. DONT GIVE UP you'll be so pleased with yourself if you can stick to it and the results will be amazing on the scales
Please don'y give in, it will be even harder to start the second time round. These first few days are the hardest but once you get through them you will be sailing. Remind yourself how much you want to be slim. And drink, drink and drink some more of that water.
Good luck


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Thanks for your messages and support. I'm afraid I have failed and have to start again tomorrow. I ate yesterday and today, so there wont be any ketotis for me to look forward to just yet. I really think I need to address the head hunger (and the remaining Christmas food in the house!) and the habbit.

Still tomorrow is another day, and I will start afresh. Your tips about keeping busy are great, I am currently just out of a long bath, moisturised, face packed and a litre of water to keep me company

I'll let you know how I get along......


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Blue girl, please don't think you have failed, just think of it as a small blip. Draw a line under it and get back on track tomorrow.

Good luck :)


Welcome Bluegirl and well done for getting to day 3, firstly you have NOT failed!! This diet is not easy by any means but like the others have said stick with it - it will get easier. And any restarts are sooooo much harder than this wonderful 1st time. I must admit I find it easier when I am at work when I have a routine and can keep myself occupied. This is my umpeenth restart and I have not got to grips with SS as yet so am on 790. Try to get going on SS but check out the 790 plan if you think that might suit your lifestyle..... good luck and let us know how you get on Vx
Stick to it missy! Welcome to minis :)
You CAN do it, and you will be so proud of yourself when this week is over.
Good name by the way ;)

Leah xxx
Don't feel bad or like a failure, you are trying and that is the most important thing. It may sound like a negative thing to do but try thinking of all the reasons you want to lose weight, these are generally not happy feelings but they can give you the motivation you need. For example I used to stand in front of the mirror, sometimes moving myself to tears, I kept repeating to myself "I don't want to feel this way anymore".

Hang in there hun, keep trying and you will succeed.



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Thank you thank you thank you!

I've woken up to a new day today, 1ltr of water already gone, had a black coffee, and wondering if I should have Strawberry or Forrest Fruit for breakfast!

I had a big talk to myself last night, one day at a time is the only way to do this isnt it? Today I am going to drink at least 4ltrs of water, I am going to have 4 CD products (I'm 5ft 10 so get an extra one......how lucky am I??!!), I'm going to take my Christmas Tree down, clean the mess it leaves behind and maybe even start to write my own blog. Yesterday is history!

Try not to look at the day as a whole as this is too much. Take it from hour to hour, try to get from 10am to 11am, then fron 11 to 12 and so on.
Good luck, you can do this. Think about the rewards.


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And chuck all that christmas food out!! Ive thrown the christmas cake out for the birds this morning cos it kept shouting at me. Be strong you can do this.
Hi blue good for you draw a line and step over it .this is a difficult journey for anyone so take it day by day or hour by hour for first few days .Take a look at things others do to keep the hunger away .I have zero coke wich i find fills me but can only have a max of 1 pint a day there are other drinks think zero drinks are fine also perfectly clear strawberry and kiwi but 1pint only ,they just give you something different .I also have psylliunm husks which i add to my vanilla shake to make a kinda porridge which is also more filling the husks also help with constipation issuses but only about 1tablespoon 10g a day .The more water you drink the better it really helps .Some one will be along to correct me if any of this i wrong but i have been using them from week 2 with no bad effect just dont over do the drinks 1 pint a day and check how much husks you can have .
You can do it Blue :) xxx


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Fantastic. Well done on putting it behind you and starting again. I am also 5' 10" and it great to have the extra pack :)

Fuzzys Angel

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Welcome to minimins bluegirl the first week is always the hardest. Don't see your slip up as a failure it's simply just a slip up it happens to us all, keep with it hun you can do it. Good luck remember we're all going through it together & are here to lend a helping hand.....xxx
Well, I've done it, a day on SS, gallons of water, 4 tetra packs (tried the potato and leek and it was the most awful thing......why does it have to taste so fake, why not let me make some vegetable soup and add a powder or something to it? I'm sure it would taste better)

Anyway, thank you all, spent a good hour reading sucess stories and threads, really inspirational.

Line under today, tomorrow is another day............I'll be back x
Yay well done blue.....feels very satisfying completing a day doesnt it!! Cant comment on the soups coz ive never had them. You'll soon be in ketosis just keep glugging that water to keep the hunger at bay and keep yourself busy xxxx
Hey bluegirl, Congrats on restarting:)

When you get to day three you probably will feel bad again. I remember my day three, and i felt soooo depressed, the worst was the feeling that i wouldnt be able to eat for months and months. The thing that got me through was knowing that once i got in to ketosis the feeling would go away and it would be much easier. The only reason i knew that was because of this forum. I think you will definately suceed this time as all the info you need is on here and it really helps you to stay focused. If i didnt know about this forum before i started, i probably would have given up on the third day as well!!

So good luck and stick to it :)
Hi Blue, I'm another 5 10" and I loved having 4 packs too! I found vegetable bouillon really helped when I was starving, I usually had 2 a day. I also had sparkling water with flavourings as a treat. Oh and Earl Grey tea with orange flavouring was also a lifesaver! It's delish!

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