had the worst day everrr!!! :(


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i've been fasting at the same time as doing my shakes (for those of u who dont know - its when u dont eat or drink between sunrise and sunset for religious reasons) i usually have a shake n lots of water in the morning and then distribute other two shakes throught the evening but i got lazy last night n didnt wake up to have a shake b4 sunrise!! :sigh:

been feeling so dizzy all day but im too stubborn to break my fast or my diet.

not expecting any sympathy. i know its myfault:(
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oh no, hopefully the crappy feeling will pass. You are doing so well, especially fasting at the same time x


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Well done on staying so strong! Just set the alarm tomorrow!


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Hiya keep strong how much longer is your fast out of curiousity I'm aware of Ramadan what over festival are you fasting for

All the best

XX Sharron


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Is ramadan not over? The last eid was in december. Not sure why ya are fasting but I found when I was doing ramadan and doing the diet as well it was extremley tough but ya really have to get up and have that shake at that time in the morning. I have to admit some days I forgot to as I dont like taking breakfast especially at that time in the morning but my energy was then low throughout the day. These days I am so used to getting up at that time now anyways as I awake before the alarm clock but it might be worth getting one for yourself to help ya out. I know ya are feeling cr*p today but just make up for it now. I also found it very hard to consume all the water throughout the day too dont know if ya have this problem?


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i missed a couple of fasts in ramadan and ur meant to keep the fasts later (but i didnt till now) ive only got one or two fasts left to keep thank god!!! im gna definitely wake up to have a shake next time!! i just felt like whats the point waking up n getting out of bed just for a shake!? but ive learnt my lesson (a very harsh lesson) thanks for the support guys!

miss_unknown - im pretty good with my water intake so i find it ok to do it. i drink 3 litres normally but if im fasting and got a shorter amount of time then ill make sure drink atleast 2 :)