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Hair - Laser?

I was told it's not available on the NHS, but they may depend on the area you live in? I have had it & am still having it. It costs £65 a session on my face, you can only shave whilst you're having it done, you do it approx every 4 weeks, have to keep out of the sun, use sunscreen anyway, can't use sunbeds. It hurts a little, but just as it's being done. I'm having my bikini line done too atm & that doesn't hurt at all, so I guess it's just your face is more sensitive. As you can only shave rather than pluck (my preferred option) all the hairs end up the same length, so you feel as if it's actually worse. I am super hairy, thick black hairs :sigh: & have to shave twice a day :cry:so it's a major issue for me. I have had 9 sessions now & am still hairy, just not quite so much. Sometimes at weekends if I'm not seeing anyone I DON'T SHAVE! :eek: :D I asked my endocrine consultant if I was wasting my money & she said that it would help, but not as much as it would a 'normal' person (she didn't say normal, but YKWIM-none hormonally challenged! :p)
I did have one 10 MINUTE session of electrolysis on the NHS, but then they stopped doing it! :rolleyes: TBH with the hassle & expense of getting to the hospital it wasn't worth it anyway & it hurt like hell if I'm remembering correctly.
(she didn't say normal, but YKWIM-none hormonally challenged! :p)
Haha - being horizontally, vertically and hormonally challenged.. (ie short, fat and hairy :D) your msg has cheered me up! :D

It's so rare to 'meet' someone else with this same difficulty.. sometimes I feel tempted to become muslim just so I could wear the clothing!! :D that shaving lark doesn't sound like a bundle of laughs to me.. hmm.. and here's me wanting to go out and meet a new man.. do you think I should tell him about this before he fins out for himself, or leave him to find out by seeing (oh god! I don't know which is harder to deal with...?? hmm)

Haha - being horizontally, vertically and hormonally challenged.. (ie short, fat and hairy :D) your msg has cheered me up! :D
Don't know what to say about the man thing. I am very lucky as mine
understands how I feel over this. He even used the home electrolysis machine I bought as I couldn't do it on myself. [btw dont bother with one it was rubbish & not up to industrial strength hairs!] I am determined to get it sorted before I go grey though as I don't want to be an old lady with a long beard.... :eek:
:confused: Sorry, I should've explained, the laser treatment doesn't work on grey or blond hairs.
Btw they can give you a numbing cream for your face to put on b4 the laser is used. You also need to be careful which creams & potions you use b4 & after.
Thanks Maxi. I only discovered these forums when looking around for info on how to get loose skin surgery from the nhs. I have been left with quite a lot of loose skin having gone from 21 st down to 9 st. At 5ft3 - I was pretty big.

I was severely morbidly obese for well over 20 years (I blame my PCOS) and only managed to sort that out in recent years.

I am still naturally very hairy too. In addition to my face I get hair on my tummy, chest area etc. I have even known me have electrolysis on my back before wanting to wear a bathing costume on holiday (and lets face it - I wasnt thinking that my appearance was going to turn too many heads)...
I hadn't even thought about that! Mind you I think I've got a couple of years of full on dieting before I need to worry! :ashamed0005:
Did you manage to find out anything about it/set the wheels in motion to get it done? What do they even do?
Your last sentence made me laugh... I hadn't even thought of my back being hairy...if I can't see it, its not there! :p
I have had about 20 sessions of laser treatment on my face and it has significantly reduced the hair on my face. That said some do tend to come back over a period of time, so I go for laser like one would shave or wax periodically. It is more expensive but you don't have to go back as often.

Once went for a back wax and yelped after the first rip....and ran out!! Haven't had the courage to go back :|
I have laser treatments. Mine cost £85 a go, because I have to use a special laser.

It does work and despite the convention with shaving.... it is encouraged where lasers are concerned :)

It's worked a treat for me. WHereby my frequency was the highest permissible i.e. every 6 weeks, I go once per year now I would go twice, per year but thats a costly business :eek:.

I couldn't get the treatment on the NHS, unless I was a man after a sex change - as I was told by my GP, so I paid (pay) for it privately.

Wishing you all the best.
I tried acculight but gave up as it never really worked for me. I got a referral to have laser treatment but I couldn't get it paid for on the NHS and couldn't afford it as it was £120 every 6 weeks at the times (about 6-7 years back).
Omega, I didn't know whether to laugh at your explanation or cry on your behalf because it must be so frustrating having lost all that weight to still be having body issues. I really feel for you. Surely you can argue with your pct that the cumulative cost of mammograms & ultrasounds makes boob surgery worthwhile, never mind making you happier. I really hope that you convince them. I have no idea how much it would cost for boobs or stomach to be done privately, but imagine it would be huge.
I really feel for you, hope that you're successful!
where did omega's posts go?


Manchester City FC!
I paid £45 per session up until a few weeks ago. I didnt find it helped at all. Although the hair grew back thinner, if at all after about a month, wherever it had cleared up came back again!
I was hoping with my weightloss that it would help correct it, I have since been told it wont help! I am destined to shave everyday for the rest of my life! Haha Lucky me eh?!!?

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