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hair loss?


weighs a lot less
your hair stops losing its daily amount ,then when you eat it starts to again so you are actually losing what you should have done ,worring i know but no-ones gone bald yet lol xx
I know that i have noticed my hair is alot healthier than it was before I was on LT, but I think it depends on the individual and how LT affects people personally. I wouldnt worry about it too much, if it happens, its only going to be for a short period of time.
Kojak started out on LT! Also TracyJ lost some but I think she is ok now with her skin head, I for one think it suits her. xx
I recently watched the LT video and they mention hair loss on there. Apparently it is a common side effect of any weight loss program (not sure if that's just VLCD's or all). They reckon by the time you notice that you are losing hair, it has already begun to re-grow so basically not to worry and it will grow back. As you say, hard not to worry and I for one hope I'm not investing in a wig by the end of the summer!! x
Hi guys,
I've been on LT for 5months straight, in the last 2 months I've defo been losing alot of hair. I have very very thick hair so it's not noticable but I don't know how it would be if I'd originally had thin hair though:(
When i was first on lipotrim a few years ago, for 6 months my hair was fine.
The last month on LT & my hair started falling out & loads of it. I'd wake up with hair on my pillow & that was still on my head was knotted & then balls of hair would fall out.
2 years on & my hair never got back to how it was.
Its still thin & horrible now.
It doesnt happen to everyone, so dont let it put you off, Rhian gave a good explanation last time but cant find sorry
I find that when I brush my hair loads comes out! I have thick hair so I don't notice it much! I have noticed that my hair isn't as greasy as it was and I don't need to wash it as often as I did before LT!



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Lol thanks Gaz! I lost loads of hair when started refeed and i do mean lots! Lil put it perfectly, on LT your body holds onto what it can therefore when you refeed it sheds what it would have usually! I have been maintaining now for getting on for 3 months and for the last few weeks i have stopped losing so much hair, just a bit now! I found multi vitamins helped xx

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