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Hall of fame

Just a thought to the longstanding members of the forum (and for newbees).

Do you think it would be inspirational to have a list of members (with links to their photos) who we can put in to a LL hall of fame?

For newbies like me it would be inspirational and hopefully the longer standing members can suggest some people.

something simple like:
Username (link to profile/album)
Weight loss
Time taken

what does everyone think....any potential nominees?
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BL and SB HAVE to be platinum members!


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You are not far off that status yourself rachel!!!
I completely agree!!! Minerva too :)


Is feeling the love!
Very good idea! I look at the gallery photos when I need a bit of a kick to remember why I am doing this. So something just for LL would be great!


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Yea definately :)
I will start pm folk for their permission to put details in to the hall of fame.

So far we are suggesting
Blonde Logic

If the above are reading this and fancy putting your details in then that would be cool

May I add that the 4 so far have driven me on and I think they are great LL role models.
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I like your idea


Determined to succeed
Dont forget daisydoll and lucylastic too :)
why thank you iwgt!

i think this is a great idea as when i first started i trawled round for hours looking at success pics for inspiration - the ones of everyone are good, but i wanted to see LL ones.

Daisy x
i would actually find it really helpful now too, so when i am struggling i could look back of pictures of myself and others at their goal weight

daisy x
Should we start a new thread, and we can start putting links in, and then I bet one of the mods would be kind enough to sticky it for us. Would you like the honours Flx, as it was your idea?

And Thanks for the compliments folks. We are all as brilliant as each others - just arriving at brilliance at different times. :D I am happy to participate - if it helpse even one person, its a good thing! :)


Determined to succeed
Couldnt agree more Daisy. I still route around for b4 and after pics every single time I am on. It just lifts you when your feeling low. It shows how ordinary people (No offence ladies cos i think you are all bloody marvelous) can loose vast amounts of weight and start enjoying life again.

Yea Flex I think BL is right and you should get the ball rolling :)
Thank you. I do know what you mean.
While I was waiting to start LL I found people's before and after pics really ispiring.It made me realise that real people can be successful in losing weight and keeping it off. I remember Porgeous and Westie in particular.


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Cant wait to see them all (AGAIN) as im sure i must trawl thru the pics more than anyone else. I just love the motivation that comes every single time after looking
so the inductees are:
Blonde Logic

will make the thread now during lunch at work. If anyone wants removing for whatever reason pm me.
in addition to those already mentioned ... Katalena always inspired me ...haven't read anything from her in a while ...hope she & bump are doing well


...we're sinking deeper.
I'm flattered to be included in this list, though at the moment I have fallen down somewhat a deep dark hole. But I'm getting out again. :)

I suggest Jezabella be added to the list! :)


Determined to succeed
Minerva you pics are fantastic. Maybe if you see your pics on the hall of fame - it might motivate you again. You have done sooooooooo well. Good luck hun - hope you get back on track again

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