Ham cooked in coke recipe?

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  1. fergyxx

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    At my meeting this week my leader & some of the others were saying that they had tried ham baked in coca cola (or diet coke).

    Just wondered if anyone had tried this, and what method did u use to cook it?
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  3. marooncat

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    In my slow cooker put in a piece of gammon (visible fat removed), covered with diet pepsi and left on all day. Also do a chicken dish with diet coke that works well.
  4. bilsat

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    Pete’s Diet Coke Boiling Bacon

    Piece of boiling bacon (ff)
    2 Ltr bottle of Diet Coke
    Old saucepan

    Cooking with Diet Coke may sound weird but believe me it works.

    The Coke appears to draw out all the salt and other ingredients used in preparing the bacon and giving it a dark rich colour and flavour.

    Don’t worry about the colour of the cooked Coke, it will look horrible but you will be throwing it away.
    Your saucepan will look terrible but it will wash up ok, just don’t use your best pan.

    Weight the bacon joint to work out the cooking time.
    20 mins per 1lb + 20 mins
    Use an old pan if possible as it gets messy
    Put joint into pan and cover in Diet Coke

    Bring to the boil; keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t boil over, very messy!
    Turn down heat and allow to simmer.
    Keep the joint covered with coke.

    The joint is cooked when you can push a skewer through the thickest part of the joint.

    Add to drain and cool on a sloping drip tray.


    You will never cook a bacon joint any other way after tasting this……..

    Diet Coke Bacon-1 (Small).JPG Diet Coke Bacon-2 (Small).JPG Diet Bacon-3 (Small).JPG Finished bacon (Large) (Small).JPG

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