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ProPoints Hannata's Diary: 23 down 80 to go!


I can haz cake?
Today I decided to properly start a diary to track my food, and SAD patterns.

I started taking 50 microgrammes of Vit D daily, and I'm going to have a sunbed session every fortnight.

I started the online service as well as going to the class because it helps me keep everything together, and I'm on my computer a lot anyway :)

I've had a bad half of a week (Wed morn to Fri night) where I had a few binges... probably not critically bad but added together they've become a disaster.

Today I feel... well okay. I went to the gym, had my personal training session. I'm not totally wiped out which is pretty abnormal for me. I don't feel like I need to binge, yet. So far so good. Hopefully a repentance from now (sat) to Tue will recover any gains. I'm just sticking to my dailies for the rest of the week.

Todays food:

Brunch - went into town at around 10amish and had a ham and cheese panini. I used the ham and cheese panini from Nero as a good guess point at 11pp

I got home and before my gym session I had a bit of bread sliced from one of those baguettes - about 1.5 inches - gave that 4pp (bread roll on esource)

We're putting on a BBQ tonight so I'll probably have a burger (5) & bap (4), sausage (4), chicken with marinade (5) and some garlic bread x3 (1pp each)

which takes my total to....... *drum rolls* 36 / 43
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Overweight or undertall?!
hi hannata

as malibu is rum i personally would count is as 1x25ml = 2pp, 2x25ml=4pp, just in case it leads to the bottle lol xx


I can haz cake?
Still feeling okay... no cravings for binging, no dark depression.

hopefully when my body is full of vitamin d my sleep will become regulated again.. that would be fab... I've really hated having to claw myself out of bed at a time which is borderline being late to work :p

tomorrow will tell, hopefully i'll be up for going to the gym again and getting a crack on with c25k :)


I can haz cake?
Got up at half 8 this morning, holy hell, that is not like me. The vit D is definitely what caused my good sleeping patterns when I was on Exante.

Having breakfast on a sunday for the first time in years.

Wee sachet of oats so simple, and 200ml of semi. (3+3 = 6)

Measured the semi and i'm using one of those old Nutella jars (the glass with the lid one) and 200ml just fills it up. Handy little bugger. Got probably about 70ml ish to do me for a couple of cups of tea later :)

Having a banana before I hit the gym at 10.

Feeling so good <3


I can haz cake?
For lunch I had 3 pieces of ww brown bread (3pp), 2 eggs (4), and 4 tsp of I cant believe its not butter light (2pp). I microwaved the egg so it was only just cooked, the yellow bits almost slightly soft, yum yum yum :3

By god that was one tasty meal :)

My belleh is full and I feel very happy. :)


I can haz cake?
I went to M&S with my mam today. We had a cuppa. Normally I'd be screaming for a big bit of cake or something to eat, but I was fine... I'm sure my ma was shocked :p

So I had a wee 50ml(ish) thing of milk, and one of the little complementary biscuits (about an inch wide if that) which I gave 2pp for.


I can haz cake?
Went down the local spar for my dinner, 4x fishcakes, 2 x microchips and green giant sweetcorn with peppers :3 (23 points)

Good god this is going to be a feast. And I'm super freakin' hungry too... proper hunger, not "I want to eat junk" hunger.

Ahhh i've never looked forward to food as much :p

I kept a lil butter from lunch so I'm gonna pop it in my sweetcorn when I heat it :D

only 3pp left, bought some ww yogs so I might have one later on


I can haz cake?
I still feel great, on track to getting rid of any excess gained this week.

Noticed some...almost visible muscles on my thighs...holy frick... past the layer of fat and everything o_O

I've ordered a shakey thing for my remaining Exante shakes, I'm gonna start having them for brekkie (as a protein shake - similar contents) and have an actual protein shake after a workout. When it gets here i'll be back in business. wooo.

5pp for the exante shakes and 2pp for the protein shakes I have.

Oh and I had a ww caramel rice as well, to finish off my daily points neatly. :)


I can haz cake?
Urgh I have to say I did struggle to get out of bed this morning, but it wasn't half as bad as it has been over the past while!

Still feeling good, no cravings, pretty damn decent for a monday I gotta say. Probably my first ever 100% daily points only weekend :p

I'll be going back on my weeklies next week.. I discounted them as the first half of my week was baaaad.

Stepped on the scales... 18'6. My scales are pretty similar to the ww class ones (they are ww scales) so I'm feeling confident that I won't have put on :) I think an STS is looking likely, and I'll be happy with that

Today food wise I've got planned:


Porridge (3)
My handy Nutella jar with 200ml milk in it! (3)
banana (0)


3x ww brown bread (3pp)
Can't believe its not butter light x 40g (4pp)
snap pot of heinz beans - 200g pot (4pp)

No idea what I'm going to have for dinner! eek!


I can haz cake?
ok so i found some chips in the freezer (asda chosen by you fries) and I had two 2 portions at 8pp per portion. And I had 3 eggs on top of it. Real tasty :)

Topped off with 2 ww yogs (vanilla and toffee) for 2pp

and then I had a protein shake. I haven't been to the gym today, but I had to 2pp spare, and needed to check that my new shaker was good. Tomorrow I'm doing Exante shakes for breakfast so I needed to make sure I wasn't gonna have a bokey lumpy shake and nothing else to eat :p


Serial Foodie!
Hope you are finding the diary helps Hannata. You've made me want microwaved egg on toast lol. xxx


I can haz cake?
Its actually as nice as poached. I put the eggs in a pot (without stirring them) do 20 secs at a time and stir it a little bit each time, so its not completely mixed, and the yellow is just barely cooked. sooooo nice. :)


I'm getting back on my protein shakes as of today. Having a morning shake, and a post workout one. I've got lots of Exante shakes to use so I'm having them as a protein/meal replacement shake for breakfast, and normal whey protein post workout.

I've got porridge and 200ml ss milk for lunch. (6pp)

I don't tend to eat a lot on Tuesday because it keeps my body weight as equal as possible pre wi, and it means I've got enough points for my evening treat - something nom from the chippy :D

exante shake - 5pp
porridge and milk - 6pp

gonna have a hoke on esource and see what I can afford from the chippy for 32pp :p

errrr okay right theres a rough estimate

chips - 14 (definitely right)
cheese - 5 (estimated portion size)
curry - 3 (??)
cheeseburger - 10 (taken from an average of a couple of takeouts like bk mcds that was on esource)

I'm reallllly looking forward to chippy tonight ^____^
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I can haz cake?
Had my chippy, a bag of onion rings (7), and the majority of a bag of jelly babies (whole bag 19pp, counted 15 - my lovely mum stole a generous handful of all my favourites lol). Took the junk food out of my weeklies, so I've got 26 weeklies left. Enough for a treat at the weekend maybe!

Todays food:

breakfast - 5pp

exante shake - banana - 5pp

lunch - 10pp

ww bread x3 - 3pp
low fat butter - 30g 3pp
snap pot heinz - 4pp

26/43 dailies 27/49 weeklies left
Was like that last night hanatta ,couldnt get enough food in to me. I tried to make them healthy snacking though . If I wasnt doing PP this would have been an all out binge for me ,chocolate bars ,crisps the lot . I think its hormonal and usually happens when my period is on the way (sorry for TMI gents ) !!!

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