Happy Monday!

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  1. cupcake1

    cupcake1 Full Member

    Good morning everyone.
    Hope you all had a good weekend.
    I've tried out some fabulous RC recipes this weekend. The boozy beef and mushrooms is gorgeous! :)
    I think I've probably overdone it a bit on the alcohol, but I've also had a lot more exercise than usual so I'm hoping it will balance out.
    I've got a weigh in tonight, as I can't go on Wednesday which is my usual weigh in day. Fingers crossed that I've lost a little.
    Hope you all have a Marvelous Monday.
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  3. jakkiG

    jakkiG Full Member

    Oooh sounds yum havent tried that one. Good luck with the weigh in tonight :p:p:)
  4. cupcake1

    cupcake1 Full Member

    Thanks Jakki. I've lost half a pound. I'm not going to say ONLY half a pound because we had a talk about how much effort goes into losing 'just a pound', and considering I've weighed in 2 days early, I don't think thats bad.
    Got to keep up the good work as it will now be 9 days till I weigh in again. :)

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