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Happyhippos Buddies


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hey buddies :D:D

I start my ww journey today, and feeling supper positive

today i have had

b....2 ww thick bread and ww jam

l.....8 king prawns. ww torrtilla , salad and extra light mayo

s............french fries

and for dinner i am planning on making a seafood rissoto .
Hi week 22 for me today

21 points

B 2 weetabix semiskimmed milk 3 points
cup of green tea

L ww can chick leek soup 1 point
1 slice wm bread 1.5 point
pack baked crisps 2 points
cup of green tea

D chicken 2 points
Lf curry sauce 2 points
free veg
rice 2.5 points

1 small banana 1 point
1 ww chocy roll 2 points
as milk for tea 1 point

ZUMBA class

will update as not sure atm
I must start exercising again ..........
Good luck for the week guys xx
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hey peeps! 18 points a day for me. Todays plan:-

Breakfast - oats so simple 1.5pts, skimmed milk 0.5pts
Lunch - chicken salad 3.5pts
Dinner - low fat ocean crumble and veg 5pts
Anytime - WW yoghurt 1pt, alpen light bar x2 2pts, fruit salad 2pts, coffee 0.5pts, caramel snack a jack 1pt
17 points today and 1 hour at gym and 2.5ltrs water.
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My plan for today:
Breakfast : Toast - 2.5
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich - 3
Snacks: crisps - (frisps) 2.5
mini roll -2.5
Dinner - not sure yet

Exercise - yoga class - 1.5hours


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hi guys or do we call ourselfs fellow hippos. :D:D:D i like that

i have been at work since 5 am and only just had somthing to eat and drink. made a sandwich with ww bread and some chicken 3 pts.

i am going to class for the first time (in years ww) been a sw gal.

i cant wait. its great having this support and i really believe with it we can get to our goals.

i am really excited about getting to class tonight. i never thought i would feel this way about loosing weight. so many people have seen me try and fail and dont belive i will do it this time . but this time i am going to prove that i can do,

big hippo hugs xxx


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Afternoon all sorry late in posting today, still at work and it has been manic. Good to see all the new buddies:)

Exercise done today so far - 30 mins wii ea active at 6.15am :eek:

Well so far today i have had :
Toast & tea
cupasoup, eggmayo roll, skips
He he - another "hippo" here. I feel terrible saying that..... cause we aren't

Farleys Rusk (Big Baby Me)
Toast x 2

Salad - Ham, Cheese(grated), Cherry Toms, Egg & Lettuce

Chicken, Carrots, Baked Potato
Muller Light Cheesecake Yogurt

Will be more organised tomorrow I swear.
grrr i really am i hippo ended up going out for lunch and wine a million points lol i really need a kick in the right direction! Tomorrow is another day.......... focus lol

You are all doing great keep up the good work peeps! x
Right enough mucking about for me! Going for 100% days :) tomorrows plan:

B- oats so simple 1.5pts, apple 0.5pts, 2xtsp sugar 1pt and cinnemon 0pts 1/2 pt skimmed milk 1pt.
L - WW fromage frais and fruit 2pts
D - veg stir fry 0pts, prawns 1.5pts chilli sauce 1pt
Anytime - yoghurt 1.5pt, SF jelly 0pts, nimble bread x2 and LF spread 2pts and coffee 2tsp sugar 1pt, cuppa soup 1pt. 14/18pts today. 1hr 45mins at the gym and 2ltrs water.

Hope everyone has a great day! xx
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its 5am and off to work i go , its going to be a difficult day for food today. as working 5am till 3pm on my own, so no break. i bought some peanut bars last night at ww so they in my handbag,

the only place near is a subway so going to just look that up and see how many pts i can get away with .

have a wonderful day hippos xxxxxx


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Morning, ive been up since 6am with the little ones..
For breakfast today im having 50g coco pops with skimmed milk 3.5 points
Lunch.. WW Spag bol 4 points
Dinner.. Chicken breast with philadelphia cheese & lots of salad 4 points mmmm

7.5 left for a few snacks through out the day.
Busy with the kids today so will have some fruit on the go :)
Hope everyone has a lovely day x
You are all up early today - couldn't sleep myself. So was up at 6am washing and changing the bed sheets. Just hope to get them dry today. Just had my Rice Krispies. Good Luck today ladies. We can do this....
Mornin all! Well its grey and rainy here :( perfect escuse for housework i guess lol still not to worry todays meals are all planned :) i'm away to the gym to try and earn some activity points :)

Plonks - not sure off the top of my head but subway isnt too bad points wise there is NVs on this site somewhere i think or i can look up my eating out guide for you.

Have a great day my fellow hippos! lol xxxx
Hi ladies, your all early birds I love school holidays as my kids get up later and I get a lie in though after waiting 15 years to get to this point it's nice

Was good yesterday had 20.5 points of my 21,18 points Monday and I did zumba, BUT my scales say I gained 1/2lb in 24 hours? This happened 3 weeks ago I lost 3.5lbs and the following week I gained 2.5lbs and I did plan 100% and exercised? So am worried it's going the same way?I really want 2lbs thus week to get to3 stones :(

I will continue as I am zumba again tonight, if I gain this week then I'm confused as in 22 weeks I haven't gone over points once ?

Have a lovely day x
Try not to worry hun our bodies work in mysterious ways! I know its difficult but try not to weigh yourself everyday aim for once a week or twice tops so you get the full picture. Your doing brilliantly it will pay off on the scales i'm sure :) xx


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I agree with lindsay. You are doing brilliantly. My wii broke so now i can only weigh myself in boots every tuesday. I've only just started again yesterday, hopefully i'll lose 2lbs this week too :) x
your sticking to your points everyday there is no reason why you should gain, think positive hun! :D

its so tempting just pop on the scales but once a week is best so they say lol 2lb is very realistic mumzy :) xx

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