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Harcombe Ph 1 - nothing! :(

Just completed 4 days on phase 1 - todayis day 5 but I weighed myself this morning. NOTHING :(

I am 5'-3.5", currently weigh 130.5 and I want to get back to 115-117, where I was 3 years ago before I gained weight due to a high stress few months and have not been able to get it off.

I have an injury so exercise is null - I can start walking this weekend again but this is why I thought doing the extreme PH1 would be good. No exercise = be even more diligent with your foods.

Here's an example of my menu:

B: yogurt
S: snap peas
L: chicken with veggies in red curry sauce
S: kale chips (home made with a little garlic salt)
D: brown rice with veggies in a stirfry

Im so bummed. I am staying with PH1 and hoping I see SOMETHING happen.

:confused: bummed
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I am in exactly the same position...in fact I have gained :( wondering how you got on in the end?? X
hello all, I am a HDer and have been for last 7 weeks and so far lost 12lb, it is slow going for me too, tho I did lose quite a bit on phase 1, but I have a lot to lose and maybe thats one of the problems. THD is about eating real food and nothing processed and if you have always been a yo-yo dieter, according to what I have read, we have damaged our bodies and it takes tiime for the body to repair before weight loss can occur. Although I love this website, I do also look at the HDers forum where I have registered but not paid for membership. On there I read lots and can get advice as there are a lot of ppl there who are in exactly the same position as yourselves. All I would say is don't give up as this plan is about eating real food and ridding your body of anything processed as well as losing weight. My weight loss is slow compared to many others and I have resigned myself that I am taking the scenic route to being slim, but am ok with that.................it took years to go on and lots of yo-yo dieting inbetween I now eat real foods and I am enjoying what I am eating. I would also say that you need to find out what it is that your body likes or doesn't. I have found that wheat, diary and believe it or not fruit stall any weight loss for me, but 85% chocolate which usually wouldn't be eaten til phase 3 is OK for me...............what suits some doesn't suit all, so you need to experiement, but do it slowly so that you can identify any food that becomes a potential problem easily. Pls keep posting as there are so few of us on this forum and I will always answer. :) All I can say is keep with it and you will eventually get the results you are looking for. On another note, you say you haven't lost weight, have you lost inches? Tho I haven't lost much weight I have def lost inches :)


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Superb response Dawn. Very comforting!! Thank you :) am keeping on with it. The dairy must go :( xx
Hi there, really glad you decided to stick with it...............it does work, but takes its own time which I know is incredibly frustrating, but for me one of the biggest things is that I no long want to raid the cupboards which has happened on every other plan I have been on including Atkins as they are allowed artificial sweetners which my body just doesn't like and has me running for the nearest biscuit or cake or even bread and jam if there is nothing else in :eek: Even eating berries, which is allowed on THD has me running for sweet stuff, so I know I still have a problem with fruit :( maybe one day in moderation :)Let me know how you doing :D
Dawn, Out of interest, do you do exercise to supplement the healthy eating? Only ask as I know I seriously lack patience, so unless I start to see big numbers tumbling each week, I know I will get disheartened. If only by diet I would be happy with a 2-3lb per week loss, but if doing 3-4 x 1-hour exercise gym sessions a week, I would want to be seeing 5-6lb losses. Is that feasible with Harcombe??
Dawn, Out of interest, do you do exercise to supplement the healthy eating? Only ask as I know I seriously lack patience, so unless I start to see big numbers tumbling each week, I know I will get disheartened. If only by diet I would be happy with a 2-3lb per week loss, but if doing 3-4 x 1-hour exercise gym sessions a week, I would want to be seeing 5-6lb losses. Is that feasible with Harcombe??
I don't do any real exercise at the moment as I have a foot problem and THD actually advise against exercise for some as unless you love exercise then it can be counter productive as apparently if you have to force yourself to do exercise then it causes a reaction within the brain (haven't got my books at the moment so probably not explaining this very well) that causes a slower weight loss.

My weight losses have slowed considerably, but I know that is down to the fact that I am eating too much dairy and cheese, so need to get my books back, re-read and get my focus back. I love this way of eating tho......very tasty :)

I'm not sure if 5-6lb losses weekly are feasible even with exercise, but go to the Harcombe diet forum (google it) as there is loads of help and advice dedicated to Harcombers...........it's why I think there aren't many on this forum as they have all defected :):):)

Have you started this way of eating?
Hi Dawn,Yes I have started, today is day-4, will probably stay with Phase-1 for some time to get a good start at shifting weight. To be honest, it is very similar to the eating regime I had myself on, after weightloss in 2008, very good for maintaining weightloss. If only I had stuck with it!It works for me as I am very carb intollerant.I am feeling better already, far more energetic. I put on 7lbs whilst on 2-weeks leave at the end of August, and that extra has shifted this week, so I am happy with that as a start.I did Lipotrim in 2008 (just shakes, no food) and lost near on 5st in 17 weeks, but that is quite extremem, and whilst it was hard to do it first time, it has proven to be impossible to do it again. The body/mind knows whats coming now and digs in! So I need an alternative, and I am hoping the Harcombe is the alternative - eating the stuff I like and losing weight, sounds too good to be true! lol Nick.
How long are you planning on staying on phase 1? I keep telling myself that I need to get back to phase 1 and get my focus back, but for some reason my brain is being resistant.......seem to be self-sabotaging at the moment, which is not good.............maybe if I keep up to date with your progress it will give me the kick I need to get back on track :) Do you have a diary other than posting on here?
Until I get bored with the food choice option - probably 2-weeks. The main problem will be no fruit and natural yoghurt (not keen at all on that!). I was planning to start the exercise up after 2-weeks (once the carb cravings, and lack of carbs dizzy spells go). We will see. If it doesnt work out, I will get staright on the shakes to keep the weighloss momentum going. I need to get back down to something approaching the weight I was when my FaceBook profile pic was taken 3-years ago, so people start recognising me again and dont comment about the weight! lol
I need to get my books back and get back on phase 1 with you, but I seem to be all talk and no action at the moment :(
You should have a really good result after 2 weeks :)
Been tempted to get back on Phase-1 ? Come on, we can do it together for support!
I really would if I had my books, but can't remember what is and isn't allowed on phase 1............I lent them out months ago and haven't seen the woman I lent them to so not actually sure if I'm gonna get them back anytiime soon! But would def do it with you if I had them, by the time I get them tho you will be well into phase 2. You are doing well tho..... x
Phase 1 is pretty much: No dairy (no milk, cheese etc), No fruit, No cakes or anything else sugary, No white rice, pasta, potatoes, just brown rice. As much salad, fish, poultry or meat as you want. Black de-caf tea/coffee, drink water, and thats about it!
Thanks for that, will start on 21 Sep as am out tomorrow and Wed and next week have a two day spa break at Ragdale Hall so makes things difficult for the next few days ..........I know excuses, excuses!!!!

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