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Hard Time with Exercise :(

Hey Guys!

I'm having abit of a hard time with my rowing machine.
I can only do about 10 mins then I have to start due to worn out/acheing.

I really could do with some tips as I have put on 3lbs this week!!!!!!

Please help!
Any other work outs I can do without equipment?

I was told step walking or just plain walking are good that true?
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Have you thought about getting an exercise DVD? I have Pump It Up & Clubland DVDs & they are put in sections such as dance, boxercise, bums & tums, etc. I have a Yoga DVD which is quite good & I have also got a 'Target Toning' DVD where you can chose whether to work on your abs, arms, legs or bum for just 10 minutes at a time.

If you don't like the sound of something like that then I think going for a long brisk walk would help :)
I agree, exercise DVDs are great. I also have Pump It Up which is really fun and you can create your own workout, so you can start with a short workout and gradually build it up. Billy Blanks' Tae Bo dvds are also really good, although they are quite old, as they have the option to do an 8 minute workout.
Good luck woth finding the right exercise for you! :)
lightning86, believe it or not that is the right amount of time to do on a rowing machine. its not like an exercise bike or anything else really. it is punishing!! i enquired before into a rowing machine and 2 different rowers said 10 minutes is well enough:) maybe try do it twice a day and mix it with other stuff too:)

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Walking is very good for you Lightning. I don't mean just ambling along, really stride out at a brisk pace and you'll get plenty of calories burned. I often go out walking with my dogs, I'll put the iPod on with a bit of dance music to set the pace ;) and off we trot. An hour and a half later you can really feel it, believe me :D

Rowing is so good for you though. When I used to be a gym regular several years ago, I had fantastic shoulders from all the rowing I did. I think I used to row for about 20 or 30 mins but I might be wrong. The old memory's not what it was :8855:


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Walking is very good but as has been said, you've gotta do it briskly. I also have a good exercise DVD called "Walk Away the Pounds" by Leslie Sansone. I'm terribly uncoordinated when it comes to most exercise DVDs but the Leslie Sansone ones have simple steps and give you a decent workout at the same time.
As mentioned about Walking is fab. Ive only really taken it seriously these past few weeks, but its definatley somthing im going to be doing a lot more off, but a brisk walk is definatley what you need to o to get anything out of it.

I have 'Biggest Loser New year New You' DVD. Absolutley fantasic :)
also, find something that you enjoy and doesnt feel too much like a chore is the best way to keep exercising. i agree walking is amazing but also try and mix things for a bit of variety, play with the dog etc. usually doing stuff with other people is great motivation in case you lacking. and enjoy it is the main thing:)
I love dancing when I can't be bothered to do 'proper' exercise (by that I mean going to the gym, doing half an hour on the Wii Fit, etc). Because I love dancing and singing along to music anyway, it doesn't feel like I'm exercising. I can't dance at all, but I really go for it anyway, it works ok :D
If you want to continue using the rower alongside other forms fo exercise, try doing intervals. Part of my regime (I'm currently having personal training) is to row 500m and then rest for 1 minute. I repeat this 3-4 times (rowing 1500-2000m in total). That takes around 10-15 minutes and, to be honest, I'm knackered after it...I don't think I could physically row any more than that!
I have wii fit and my fitness coach for the wii which is good if I don't go out. If going to the gym I only ever do about 5 mins rowing. The rest of the time I am on the treadmill walking or the bike and then a few weights. I really struggle too - in fact I haven;t been in weeks now, but just start off slow and in time you will build up to more. x
Thank you for all your tips, Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner I have had abit of a sad time at the moment due to loss of a friend.

Not to sound dumb but thats brisk walking?
Also I do have a Wii Fit(It's the Plus one) what exercises are good on there?

I haven't used my wii before.


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ohh, i hope you are al right, 86!! Big hug! xx

PS: yah, i have lost most my weight through uphill walking on the treadmill and sometimes, I just dance and hop about in my room and after half an hour you can already be real sweaty. Basically, I think, anything that involves a lot of movement helps me loose more weight than, for example our rowing machine, that more adds to my muscle, although, I find it so much harder.lol
Sadly I don't have room for a treadmill.

I have a rowing machine(York Sprinter)
and a Wii Fit+

I can dance in my living room tho! I love to do that.
I have given in last few days due to been down(DAMN YOU BEN AND JERRYS)

whats Brisk walking? that sounds interesting.
I like the step aerobics on the wii. The longest it lasts is like 5 mins or something but I just do it a few times. Also when walking try and keep it just fast enough that you are slightly out of breath - that way you know you're working at it. The My Fitness Coach program for the wii is good. Hard work and can only do 15 mins at the mo but you can build up. x

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