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has anyone done SS for longer than 12 weeks?

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Hi Charley,

I don't know the answer to this question, but I was interested in your post as I am starting this week and our starting weights are the same.

You have done brilliantly, a real inspiration to me.

Will be interested to see the replies as I want to SS 'all the way' got 140 lbs to lose..!!!

You look absolutely amazing now too btw :)


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I done it for 12 weeks and still felt i wasnt ready to eat, i went onto ss+ for a few weeks before i went up to the 810 plan. Even though it contains food the amount is extremely small. It may be worth discussing it with your cdc x


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Hi, the reason that your SS only lasts for 12 weeks is not diet-related, it's to do with your health.

There have been many medical studies done on VLCD and their potential side-effects and the outcome is that the NICE guidelines (a kind of intruction book for health professionals) say that even if you are being clinically monitored you shouldn't stay on a VLCD for more than 12 weeks as it can be dangerous for you.

This doesn't mean you have to come off your diet altogether, just that for a week or so you will need to add some additional calories. You can then go back to SS for up to another 12 weeks.

I'm sure KD or your own CDC will be able to explain how much and what sort of food you will need to eat and for how long. Because it's only for a short while to give your body a bit of a break most people don't seem to notice much difference in their weightloss.
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Don't do it. I would definitely advise having the week off SS.

A friend of mine did SS for more than 12 weeks (over 20) as she was badly advised by a Cambridge Counsellor. Half of her hair has fallen out now and months later has still not grown back. She was also in extreme pain when she tried to introduce food.

Don't do it!


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Cambridge actually prefer people do do 810 every 5th week, though some don't feel ready for it then, or week 6/7/8/9 etc

12 weeks of SS or SS+ is the absolute maximum...not to be passed....do not pass go.... get extra protein in stage. Your body will thank you for it :)


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Glad I read this post because this is my 12th week and to be honest I have been feeling extremely week and tired. I feel that I want some food but feel a bit scared to introduce food as I am afraid that I'm not going to stop eating. I'm not sure how to approach it.


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I'm not sure how to approach it.
Approach it like you do SS. This is my shake, this is my bar, this is my Cambridge green and white meal.

Don't think of it as your eating week. Cambridge is food after all. And if you've had bars, you've had solids.

Keep it simple. Get it ready before hand...bought, measured out, ready for when you are due to eat.

It's no big deal unless you make it one. It's a great plan and all my SSers really look forward to it. They enjoy it, but usually after the week they are ready to go back to their shakes again if their BMI says they can.

It's all in the head. Don't panic. Relax and enjoy it :)

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