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Has anyone done SS on holiday Eeeeek!


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Will be on holiday during my 9th and 10th week of SS...and not planning on coming off it AT ALL and will be taking the sachets with me to america lol

Has anyone ever done this abroad on 'holiday' and how did you find it? Nightmare or fine?

Have so far been 100% every day for 14 days and actually enjoying it :eek:
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Very proud to say i did SS 100% whilst on holiday...but it was in this country not abroad!
I didnt cheat at all and although it was really hard to break that holiday mentality, it was worth it as i lost 6lbs that week!!!
Now, whenever we go away, its easy to stick to SS so i'm glad i did it!
oh, and it was after my 3rd week....by week 9 it should be a doddle! :)


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Well thats good to hear :)

The food out where im going is pi$$ poor being honest (well in my opinion it always is lol) and wont miss it


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You sound so determined, I'm sure you'll get throught the two weeks. The bars and tetras will helpful, esp if you can freeze them and have them like ice cream with the family.
I too had a break away in the UK and kept 100%. Keeping busy helps a lot!
Good luck to you - you can do it! x


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Well done you sounds like your doing fab.... Good on you for planning to stick with it whilst in America..

I went away to Euro disney only for 3 days and did stick with it but I havent been away for 2 weeks whilst on it...

Good luck I am sure if you really want to do it you can.........You could always do ss+ where you add a meal whilst away it might be easier for you..


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I haven't yet but I plan to in July. I'm going back to Sweden (my home country) to see my parents and fully plan to stay on CD (although might be on 810 or 1000). Nearly every holiday i've been on since I became an adult has been revolving around food as I've had "time off the diet" and as a result I've felt miserable towards the end of the holiday feeling bloated and fat.

I would much prefer to come back to the UK slimmer than when I left, proud of myself for having stayed in control. I might flex a little as I can't expect my parents to cater 100% for the diet, but I will talk it through with my CDC first so that we're both happy with how much I'm flexing. What I might do is to have 1 meal per day and focus on the healthier parts of the meal (i.e. lots of veggies and less of any creamy sauces / pasta etc).

Go for it - but maybe plan in a little flex if you think you want to (but make sure you have limits and stick to them)!! :)


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Thanks for the replies guys :) you really are so friendly on here lol compared to other forums (non diet related)

I dont really wanna add a meal being honest but can see how this could work :)

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