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Has anyone else experienced...?

Has anyone else experienced any, what I could only describe as dappy moments?

By this I mean, feeling almost like you could be slightly drunk? Legs not quite working with you, not quite co-ordinating and feeling all a bit woozy but not dizzy!?

This happened to me last night and lasted approx 2 & a half hours, in fact until I went to bed. I have had it once or twice before but it did not last as long.

Interested in hearing if anyone else has experienced anything like this.

Kat xx

Ps: I had had all my packs and was hydrated.
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Hi, My guess is that your coming to the end of your diet and may I say you have done so well. A lot of LL users get this when nearly at goal. That is, when I was on it last year. Are you coming up to RTM ?? xx
Hi Lola,

I am 9lb away from goal/RTM - approx 3 weeks.

Kat xx
Maybe when you start to introduce a meal this will disappear, btw, your 2 profile pics looks so differnt from eachother, you look years younger, congratulations. Im on day 2 today and a bit giddy as Ive done this before and dont have as much to lose. So Im really excited and ketosis is gonna take a few days to kick in as well.
I am hoping to be able to push it another 3 weeks but I will take it a week at a time and see how I go.

Thank you for your comments on my pics :)

Good luck with your journey.

Kat xx


One day at a time

I'm with Lola on this one. I had the same thing when I got near my goal before. Perhaps you could do a milk week/few days. I know I pushed myself at the end to get to my goal, but I got weaker by the day.

It's funny cos I used to think well I had 500 cals at 15 stone, so surely 500 at 10 stone would make me feel better :confused:

Perhaps you can speak to your LLC on the phone?
Thanks Lumpy

It is nothing I feel that I cannot manage and I don't feel like I need to speak to my LLC, was just interested to know of other's experiences.

I did not do milk week at week 12/13 as I am not a dairy person, it would make me ill.

I still feel fabulous, energy levels are good and can still concentrate at work. When I feel that is compromised I will consider RTM.

Kat xx


Is back in the saddle!
You know those posts you read about when people know it's time for RTM? I think you are starting to tell yourself something and at least you are listening. I think you have had one of the fastest, largest drops per week of anyone! Just keep listening.
Not sure if it's the same thing Kat, but I have to really think about things on occasion.

For eg. I was making a soup the other day and feeding the cat at the same time, and I lost a bit of co-ordination and almost put the cat food to my lips instead of my mug! xx :p
I know what you mean and have had a few woozy/wobbly moments, but none lasting so long as 2.5 hours.

I'm sure it is because you are getting close to goal. Won't be long now though xx
My bp is fine :)

I am sure it is as people said, my body is telling me enough is enough.

Only 19 days to go, if I can do it I will but I am listening to me.

Foxtrot, my losses have been amazing, I am very lucky.

Kat xx
yes, i felt the same near the end. i was going to do another milk week but went into RTM instead
daisy x
I just couldn't bring myself to do a milk week, I didn't do the last one. If I start feeling like it daily then RTM will come sooner. I will take each day as it comes :)

Kat xx