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Has anyone ever got an upset tummy....


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From too much orange flavouring or sweetener.

I was up every 10 mins last night with a bad stomach!! (if u know what I mean)

It has still been a bit fragile today and very rumbly!!

I don't know what has caused it. I had a bar at breakfast, tetra at lunch and shake at dinner. I drunk 3 coffees with sweetener and about 4ltrs of sunshine orange.

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What sort of sweetener are you using? If it's the usual (Canderel, Hermeseta, Sweetex) variety, then I'd say that isn't the cause, no. But if it's one of the Xylitol varieties, it could be.

Thinking of Xylitol - you're not chomping your way through packets of sugar free gum, are you? That'll definitely give you the rumblies. :D

I doubt it's the water flavouring. It could be the bar you had, depending on the type. Have bars given you trouble in the past?

Alternatively, it could have nothing to do with anything you've eaten or drunk, but just a bit of a bug.

Hope you feel better soon!


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Thanks for the reply. I have the Hermeseta sweetener.
I think it must be a bug. Coz I'm still feeling a bit fragile. I need to have my last pack but I dont really fancy anything.
I have the mint choc bar. I've been having bars for a few weeks and haven't had any trouble.
I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow.

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Yuhuh! I had to come off Cambridge after 3 weeks last year because I gave myself the most extraordinarily bad runs - I won't have the water flavourings any more. Haven't had a problem this time round and I haven't had any at all.


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Ah so it could be the flavouring. Maybe I will only have 1ltr a day of flavouring. Maybe 4ltrs was too much.
It was so bad last night, I was weeing from my bottom lol. Have had any toilet trouble since. Thanks x

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Yeah my CDC informed me yesterday that you should not drink more than 1litre a day. Don't know why she didn't tell me that when I brought it. Boy did I suffer after drinking 4 litres!! Lol

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