Has anyone ever NOT lost?


2nd Time Lucky!
As most of you know I had a dissapointing first week by only shedding 2 pounds (TOTM)
Having weighed myself today (I know I shouldnt really!) But Ive still not lost anything!! My weigh in is on monday and Im soooo confused???
Hearing everyone with massive losses first few weeks. Why am I not losing?
I have never cheated once never. I dont drink tea and coffee And Ive been having at least 3 litres of water a day.

Is the diet maybe not working on my body? If so why? Or is there anything else that could be causing the non loss?
:confused: :(
Hiya !!

Ok nobody doesn't lose weight on this diet as you cannot sustain your body on 450 calories a day.

People with big losses at the start tend to be the ones that ate alot of carbs before the diet so don't worry.

I am sure that it is just a bit of water retention so just hang in there and you will shrink I promise you.

I think its pretty much impossible not to loose weight if you're on a VLCD - you are just not consuming enough calories to do anything else!

You could be retaining water maybe - 3 litres is good, but could you maybe up it a little? Don't know what plan you're following, but seemingly lighter life recommend 4 litres, whilst cambridge only 4 pints...

Maybe its the TOTM?

Poss to much info, but have you been 'regular'? I certainly know I'm not, and seem to loose about 2lbs when I go now! (sorry)

Good luck for WI
Hey Mike thanks for the reply. I read yor blog which was so inspirational! :p

Yeah maybe it is water retention, wish my body would just let the damn water go already! lol

Wobbly totm has past now, but your right ive not been "regular" maybe I should get some of the fibre89 stuff to help as when I do go now its a bit of a pain (literally!) what do you think?
I will try to up my water to 4-5 litres to see if that helps.

Thanks for the replies!
My mum has lsot very very very slowly on cd.

wk 1. 2lb
wk 2 4lb
wk 3. 1lb
wk 4. 0lb
wk 5. 1lb
wk 6. 1lb
wk 7. 2lb
wk 8 1lb
Total 12lb in 8 weeks
She is a 61 year old woman but i dont know whether age makes any difference or not. without doubt she had 5 litres of water everyday.
In this time on cd i had lost 2 and a half stone!
She has seen 2 different coucellors and neither could understand y so slow.
needless to say she has since given up!!!
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Thanks for that hermione..
wow that is slow im worried that i will be the same, unless it was to do with age? Im 26 so you would think id be ok.
I will give it 4 weeks I think and if its still really slow I might as well be on WW or something.
Im hoping I dont have to do that though!
Hi Princess.
HAve you got alot of weight to lose or r u only a few pounds short of where u wana be?
my mum wanted to lose around 3 stone so imo thats quite alot and she should have done better, wish i could help more but just telling you her story.

good luck on whatever you decide to do
Are you totally sticking to CD, enough water, no added extras like zero coke or milk in tea. Are you taking all three packs? Are you having bars in first week?

All these things can make a difference.

As it was TOTM in first week this could account for it, next week follow the plan ensure nothing at all is being consumed that shouldn't be if in doubt ask and you should get a good loss. Its impossible not to lose on a VLCD, we do however lose in different ways.

Thanks for that
hermione yes at first weigh in i was 20stone bang on so yup got a lot to lose lol

CD counceller yes I have stuck 100% Dont drink anything except water (at least 3 litres) dont even have coffee or tea. Am not on bars just 1 shake and 2 soups a day. I am not really excercising so maybe thats it?

I guess some are slower than others. Will let you know what happens at tomorrows WI..
Exercising in the first two weeks is not recommended. One other question are you 5'8" or over.

I think its just water retention, keep on with the diet the way you are doing it and you cannot fail.

I know slow losses can be disappointing especially in week one, same as plateaux I had one girl plateau for 12 days and she was so desperate next week she dropped nearly 8lb.

Have faith. If you want to email me on [email protected] I will send you some inspiring stories.

Im keeping the faith :D
Was so close to cheating last night after I stepped on the scales. But I didnt woohoo!

No I am 5'4" Thats what my CDC (who is brilliant!) said it might be water. It is a frustrating start and dissapointing.

I will keep at it though as I can see in other people it works!
Thank you so much!
Okay, 5'4" three packs doing all the right things you will lose weight. Don't forget if you want a copy of the stories just drop me an email.

Good luck for next weigh in.

Morning Princess
Hang in there babe,Cd does work,some weeks I have had small loses and it does get you down but it will happen.
If no no2s that does make a diffrance i have found anyway.
All I can suggest is lots of water,fizzy water can help no2s problam.
Hope you have a supprise tomorrow and the diet fairy has been in the night.
Lets know how it goes.
Did you weigh last night???????
Is you weighin morning or evening???
If weighin morning and you got on scales evening you will weigh more as you have had lots of water during the day.
Thanks Linda have just dropped you an email :) xx

thanks libbie :D
yes my weigh in is mondays at 7.30pm I weighed myself about that time last night.
I will try some fizzy water to see if that helps too! :)

Lol yes lets hope the diet fairy visits me overnight
Thanks so much xx
hi Princess,

I've stuck to CD for almost 3 weeks and Ive lost 1lb in 7 days!


Following the plan to a "t"

lets hope the diet fairy will visit me, after she has been to you, could you put a good word in for me please!:D

Linda, would you mind if I emailed you also to get some inspiration?

Oh Tracie you dont know how relieve I am that this is happened to someone else. (I know that sounds totally mean but I dont mean it that way!) :eek:

If I spot the diet fairy I will defo put in a good word for you! :D

Have just got an email from my CDC and feel better already! Shes gonna maybe measure tomorrow too so it proves I am losing something!

Hugs and stay strong! xoxox
Hi Princess,

Don't worry, you have stuck to it 100% so you will lose weight. As Icemoose will vouch this happened to me in May. I didnt lose ANYTHING for 2 weeks, then suddenly I spent most of a Monday morning on the loo. 9lbs came off before my next weigh in. It was just like what happened after I had my first daughter. I know that I retain water like a camel. (Must be designed for the dessert or something). Hang on in there, you will get there in the end. Don't lose heart, we're all rooting for you.

(Must be designed for the dessert or something).
Yeah, I'm designed for dessert too...Jam roly poly and custard, me!! (sorry jax, I just couldn't resist it).

Actually I'm having a bad week too. SSing like a good 'un but haven't lost an ounce in the last 6 days!! Was feeling a bit downhearted until I remembered that this has happened to me before - a few days static and then I start losing again. I've decided my scales have got some sticky stuff on one of its ratchets! (Do scales have ratchets? I don't care - it works for me!) :D
Thanks Jax. Oh maybe I need to spend a morning on the loo! As appealing as that sounds lol :D
Thanks for the support it means a lot x x x

Tinley sorry this has happened to you too. But if you all say its happened before and everything is ok I believe you :D And we will all be fine! xx