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Has anyone got a Fiat Punto - a few questions?

big bear

A bear on a mission!
My friend has just had her 2nd baby & has a small 2 door car at the moment but was thinking of getting a Fiat Punto (4 door)

Just needed to know the following:

1) Is the boot quite big, would it fit a double buggy?

2) Are they roomy enough for 2 baby seats?

3) Are they reliable & economical to run?

4) Any bad points?

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I had a Punto up until the end of December. It was a 9 year old car, but I'd only had it for 2 years, and up until last Easter I didn't have a single problem with it. As it was a 1.2 engine it was very economical to run - I used to get 45-47 mpg out of it and I have a lot of hills and roundabouts on my journey to work, so lots of clutch and gear work.

I would say that the boot on a Punto is probably one of the biggest boots going for a small car. It's also one of the roomiest cars I've been in considering it's small, so I don't think she'd have much difficulty getting a double buggy in (although I'm not that sure of the size of them!) and she'd definitely have no problem getting two baby seats in the back. I'm not sure whether the boots on the new models are quite as big, as they brought out the Grande Punto a few years ago which is still a small car, but with a bigger boot. Depending on what she wants to pay she might be better going for a Grande Punto with a 1.2 or 1.4 engine (I think they're about £7000-8000 for a 3 year old model or about £9500 for a new model).

I changed to a Suzuki swift as I got it at a bargain price, but I wouldn't hesitate to go for a Punto again! xx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Thanks dudette - she'd be only getting a second hand one as on maternity. She'll sell her wee car (a corsa) & put that money towards it. It's good to know that it's reliable etc XXXX


I will be a Princess!
I bought mine for £2600 at 7 years old, with 27000 miles on the clock. That's very low mileage obviously, but I think second hand Puntos are supposed to be some of the cheapest around as they depreciate in value very quickly! :) xx
I too have a Punto but completely disagree about the boot!
It doesn't fit one big suitcase properly, or one of those plastic storages boxes (it got completely wedged in and stuck last time I tried!)

Pretty economical though, tank costs about £45 and will do 400 miles.

The two baby seats would fit in though, it's pretty roomy in the back.


I will be a Princess!
For a car that's classed as a small car, I personally don't think you'll find a bigger boot. I've looked at vauxhalls, nissans, renaults, peugeots, citroens etc and I'd say the boot is bigger on a punto (at least the Mk2 puntos) than any of them


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My mum had a punto ... for 14 years I think it was ... at least!

She had it from brand new and the exhaust dropped off ... twice. But that was 5 years apart!

She's a brownie leader/Scout leader and was always running off picking up the kids in it and driving to pack holiday/scout camp. Tents in the boot, food for 20 kids and everything. They're sturdy things!

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