Has Anyone Had A Problems With Their Cycle


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Hi Minimins

I am just starting my 4th Week and quite late for my TOM usually i am as regular as clockwork - Does anyone know if this is normal :confused: I'm just a bit worried because although we want a baby i want to lose all this weight first - Done a test yesterday and it was Neg so feel a little better - don't get me wrong if i am them wicked but i just want to be slim before i fall (hope this makes sense)

Sorry any guys reading this

All comments will be great

Nicola :)
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Hi Nicola

Yes doing a VLCD can mess with your cycle. At one time I had a TOTM for over 46 days :eek: Can't remember the exact reason - will have a quick check and get back to you. Don't worry, just relax and stick with it.



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Mine are messed up too ... arriving 'whenever' and taking forever to 'tail off'. It's a nuisance but as far as I'm aware not a major or long-lasting problem.


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I did speak to my Dr. Originally she thought it might be my pill, so we changed it but no difference. I now know when I get into SSing something weird is gonna happen with my cycle :rolleyes:`


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Yep, VLCD's do interfere with your cycle because of the hormones being disturbed....it does settle down though ..eventually.


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It does settle down- mine went all over the place with SS as did my PMT. I hadn't realised how heavy my period before I lost weight. Once I lost weight, it returned to being more regular and much lighter. Even my PMT is much better:)



I've been to see my doctor about this too. The first 3 months I was on Cambridge Diet, my periods all but stopped. But they then went crazy, lasting for ages and very heavy - I've just finished a 6 week long one! This has left me anaemic and needing iron supplements and tablets to reduce the bleeding. My doctor said it was my hormones causing the problems, and that it should settle down.

However, despite this, I still feel so much better overall than I did before. And it is all worth it when I look in the mirror and see myself 100 pounds lighter, wearing a size 12 instead of a 22!!

Good luck, it is all worth it in the end xxx


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Exactly the same thing happened to me. Mine was two weeks late but did arrive eventually.......that was about 4 weeks ago today.......no sign so God only knows when it will be back (don't rush !! LOL)




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if anything mine was early but on and off for 3 days, then day due to start came and was a little heavier lasted usual amount of days, but not as bad as before and had no pain either. ...though i was still a moody cow beforehand ....lol