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Has anyone had an upper abdominal scan?


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I had one on wednesday to check for gall/kidney stones and was wondering if I have anything to be concerned about?
No 'stones' showed up (phew!), but I still have the pain in my side that suggested stones?
The sonographer spent a lot of time measuring different organs, and at one stage asked if I had a history of kidney infections? (to which the answer was- not that I was aware of?) There was a 'starburst' shaped white shape on one of my organs (I think it was the kidneys, but may have been the pancreas?) that she spent a bit of time measuring, but when she saw me looking she seemed to go onto the next image?
She also went on to scan my lower abdomen (around my ovaries/womb etc) after telling me at the beginning that she wouldn't be going near that area?
Was this all normal enough? Or am I over-analysing as usual? Maybe she was just triple-checking there was nothing obvious that would be the cause of the pain?
My GP won't get the results until Tuesday at the earliest...a lot of time to 'think'? :eek:LOL!
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Lard Arse

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Hi Irishmum

I had a scan to check for gallstones, which they found (gallbladder removed now, best thing I ever did), but even after they'd found the stones they still continued to scan my pelvic area so I think it's pretty normal practice. Can't help with the "starburst" shaped thing though.
Where about is your pain because even after my stones were confirmed, everyone (including the specialist) insisted my pain was caused by IBS (generic term for "we haven't got a clue!)?


A little of everything!
S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
It's about half-way between my lower ribs and hipbone on the right hand side, fairly deep in? (almost at my back?)
My GP has said if nothing showed on the scan he'd investigate the possibility of me having IBS, which I'm going to tell him is bo**ocks! I too think it's bogus diagnosis? This pain has come on in the last few months, and developed over that time from a tugging/pulling sensation into a constant ache/pain? It wasn't triggered by a change in diet, and I haven't had any change to my 'toilet' habits? So I really can't see it being a digestive issue, unless it's a blockage or infection involving the digestive organs?

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