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has anyone moved from Cambridge to WW?


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I tried to re-start on Cambridge after a 2 year break and just couldn't stomach it this time for some reason. First time I did it I found it really easy but this time I really struggled and despite sticking to it I only lost 5lbs over the first 2 weeks.

Then went away on holiday and abandoned everything, came back and joined Weight Watchers and I'm 6.5lbs down in my first 2 weeks. And I'm eating so much food - as long as it keeps working like this then there's no way I'd go back to Cambridge now.

Don't get me wrong it did work the first time I did it and served a very important purpose in helping me get diagnosed with a thyroid problem but at the same time it did mess my system up quite a bit and even if WW takes me longer I'd rather do that with less effect on my health.


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yeah i did move from cd to ww and i still done well , but i joined the gym , still lost in first week.
I remember you from the CD boards!

I have lost over 2 stone on CD which I am happy with but I want to have my life back again so back on WW which I do love!

I am hoping I can have some help on here from people until I join the meeting x
i went from cd to sw n nw on ww.

Cambridge diet just turned me into a miserable woman n i would get so upset when i was not shifting huge amounts of weight. Its my second week in WW, i am a bit disappointed i never got a huge weightloss like others for my first week (only 3lbs) but im gonna continue. SW just did not werk for me. never lost alot of weight
Ive just switched and think i will be pleased with a STS on my first week must be confusing for our poor bodies :S plus it feels like im eating sooooo much....going from 3 shakes a day lol!!

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