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Has anyone suffered or suffering with Gallstones?

Any advice please? I'm currently experiencing quite a few attacks and the pain is so severe they have been lasting several hours too!:cry: The pain is something I have never experienced before and "Shop" bought pain killers just aren't touching it!!!

The pain is under my breasts and in the middle of my back!!!!

Thank you
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sorry hun feeling your pain, i had to go the docs and get stronger pain killers and they sent me for a scan too.

hope you feel better soon, it has to be the worst pain ever.xxxx
Are you sure it is your gall stones and not this terrible indigestion/acid reflux thing I had at the end of week 1.
When I get gall stone pain i get it at the front right hand side jut above waist line. Very painful.
It would be better to have a bit of a chat with your doctor.
The acid reflux pain I had was really uncomfortabe and painful, pain in my breast which radiated to my back. I also felt as though I had swallowed something which had got stuck in my gullet.
Hope you get it sorted out soon. Go to the doc!!
Lynne x
Thank you both for very much for your concern and advice! I have a doctors appointment for 10:00am tomorrow and although I don't see my doctor from one year to the next I can't wait to see her on this occasion! I'm not really sure what it is apart from the pain is very strong and last night was another sleepless one!!! The only thing that helps slightly is a hot water bottle

Well done for making the appointment. Keep us posted please so we know how you went on.
Lynne x
good luck at the docs hunni.

I just remembered my doc 1st told me to take solphadine(sp) its just over the counter stuff, not sure if its cdc friendly but I no that if my gall stones started I wouldnt care what I took if it took the pain away.xx
hi hun, is the pain that bad that your crouched over and cant move walk? when i had gallstone this is what i was like the pain usually passed after a few hrs..what really worked for me was a drive in the car..im telling ya anytime i went to go hosp or doc and got in car the went!! i have had my gallbladder out there 3yrs ago now there soo annoying
When I had had gallstonesI was taken to A&E 3 or 4 times in agony, they still did not figure out what was wrong with me. It was so sore I thought I was taking a heart attack!

It is like a big bad under your breasts squeezing in so tight and a knife going into your back.

Your Dr should be able to help, mind you I had to go private to get to the root of my troubles and then while waiting for the op had to go to A & E again to get medication. They seemed really reluctant to habd out tablets.


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Gallstone pain is horrendous, it usually gets me in the middle of the night, which, I believe, is typical of gallstones. I ended up going to A&E with mine one nioght as the pain was awful, but I think I must have passed the stone. My blood tests indicated gallstones, scan showed an unhappy gallbladder, but no stones. I've had no more pain since, thankfully!
Thank you all so much for your replies!! I have never suffered pain like it and like you Ruth it strikes in the middle of the night!!!

Looking forward to going to the doctor's and I NEVER thought I'd say that!!! XXXXX
I'm wondering how Camilla went on!!
Did You go to the docs?
Lynne x
Awwwwwwww thanks Susan for your concern, it means tons!

The Doctor update is I have to go back next Thursday, I have I hope some painkillers to at least dull the pain, but she thinks it's definitely Gallstones and a scan is being booked. I had a CD Strawberry shake this afternoon and even that has caused an "Attack" today!!! Last night, I ate a fish finger sandwich which didn't cause any pain so at least I had a good night sleep!

I thought I'd try some soup tonight?! I'm really scared to eat though as I HATE the pain the attacks bring!!!

Lets hope the CD Vegetable soup will be OK!!!

fingers crossed for the scan that it shows something that can be treated easily and quickly for you.
Lynne x

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