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Has Porridge appeared yet?

:pHi Guys, just wondering if anyone had got to try the porridge yet? I think my llc said that she would have some by tomorrow. Looking forward to it!
Hope everyone is keeping well!
I've just done a mile on the treadmill and some belly dancing so I'm feeling very saintly!:innocent0002:
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I'm definately going to try it once but probably won't make a habit of having it, and I've purposely not got excited about as TBH, a "porridge" pack seems a little too close to 'real food' for my liking..... at least the other packs are obviously not something anyone would normally eat for a meal! :p
i'm gutted - just got back, LLc hadn't got any yet!
daisy x
Daisy - sorry you dodn't manage to get a pack. Next week will come round soon enough.

I just took one pack tonight. Will have it for breakfast at the weekend when there's a bit more time to think about whether I like it or not. Porridge is a normal weekend breakfast in our house. I may even feel like I'm having the same meal :)
I just picked up my first porridge pack today... can't wait to try it for brekkie tomorrow..... will let you know what I think!! :) xxx
Our llc told us she'd have it by monday (2 sodding days ago) but it was still sat at the delivery depot grrr but she's gone to pick it up herself today so I'm going to go to the pop in session this saturday and swap some packs for porridge.

I did have some concerns about it being too 'real' but I think it will be quite nice for my kids to have mummy sit and have the same as them, we do have soups together but I can't give them that every day as it's just not enough after a long day at school/nursery/destroying the house!

Emma xXx


is loving CWP xx
I got some porridge last night and had one for my tea. It is really nice. it is just like having the real thing. Only thing for me is that it is not sweet enough. I had to mix some sweetner to the watrer before mixing but I'm sure the sweetness will be ok for most people.

You can only have one per day which is fine as it is a breafast thing anyway.

Definitley will help keep me on track.
I got told it was only 1 per day at the mo because of the demand for it and that it probably wouldn't be any different to the soups/shakes?


is loving CWP xx
You can still have one bar a day as the porridge is classed as a foodpack. We got told only to have 1 per day but I don't knowif that was because stocks are low with it being new.
Hi everyone, I got my porridge today! Just got to finish some work (ofsted tomorrow booo!) then I'll have some before i go to bed. I asked my llc about the quantity and she said you can have up to 4 a day and to treat it the same way as soup or shake. You don't have to replace your bar, you can have that too. Only down side is that we're not allowed raspberry anymore. Oh well, we can't have our c*k* and eat it!


...we're sinking deeper.
The Raspberry was the least favourite flavour though (apart from Toffee) because it just never mixed well in my opinion... If you notice some of the newer recipes like Tomato and the new improved Vegetable soups have a much better powder consistency than the older recipes. Hopefully they'll keep on refining all of their flavours and keep adding to them!
I'm looking forward to trying the porridge, I really hope my LLC will get some in soon! Will be a wonderful breakfast since my shakes just don't do it well enough so I often skip breakfast and end up having less packs than I'm meant to in the day ...
I just picked up my first porridge pack today... can't wait to try it for brekkie tomorrow..... will let you know what I think!! :) xxx
Sorry didn't get to post earlier..... but yummy yum yum!! I love it!! And it's pretty close to one of those proper microwave porridge sachets!! It tastes quite milky too, although you make it with water, and I thought the sweetness was just right!! New one to add to the favourites list, methinks :D!! xx
tried this for the first time last night and I love it. I make 2 sachets together, using the same amount of water they suggest for 1, and it gets nice and thick and seems just sweet enough.

I think I'll be having 2 a day for a while.
I'm going to go and pick some up tomorrow, after all the delays I can't wait!
I *should* get some tomorrow too, but my LLC was very vague about when they'd get some so I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't. Be gutted if they don't.

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