Has this ever happened to you....?


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Hi everyone,

This morning I woke up, and actually started to cry :cry: (on day 11 of LT), I have no idea why! I don't have TOTM (hysterectomy in 2006!) so don't think it's hormonal.
I'm finding it really hard to hold back the tears today for some strange reason.
I've got no hunger pangs/food cravings.

What's going on?!?!?
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on the up lol
yes i can say i been there to, last time on lt i had a few days like that, ur not alone :)


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I was like that yesterday and it wasn't due to cravings as I really couldn't have faced any food. I didnt really know why I felt like that either allthough it is my totm which probably doesnt help. I am feeling much better today thanks to a bit of retail therapy. Hope you feel better soon x x x


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No don't think i have been over emotional on LT but then i feel like crying most days!! lol


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Yep yep yep maybe its to do with the ketosis, because its our brains that decide to use up the fat when theres no carbs...maybe its some kind of inbalance *just speculation though*


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LOL i will use that excuse when im a moody cow, i realy have become quite moody on LT.

irish molly

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How interesting! That happened me before Christmas and I could not understand it as it is most unlike me. At least now I understand that it is LT that was the reason for it. Thanks for sharing the info!!


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yep, me too today I felt fantastic , but this evening I feel really really sad. I don't think I'm hungry, my 4 month old pretty good so cant blame her, must be LT!