Has this happened to anyone else?

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  1. rolo

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    I think people are starting to notice the difference but they don't know what it is. 3 times over the last 4 days I have been asked "have you changed you hair"? Well yes I did 3 weeks ago and only a shade or 2 lighter. It's like they can't work out why I look different.

    When my sister said it today I replied "so you notice my hair but not the fact I'm wearing my old clothes". She then said it was noticable that I had lost a lot of weight (2 stone since xmas). Are they just being polite or confused I wonder.

    Roz x
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    Oh yes can't count the amount of times people said "have you done something to your hair?" or the other one "you look well"!!
  4. GlitterBabe

    GlitterBabe Full Member

    People should never feel bad about asking 'have you lost weight' coz even if you haven't it makes you feel better!!!
  5. jennikay

    jennikay Gold Member

    Haha. I was at my friend's bbq last night and he was asking me if I looked different :p
    I said 'yeah, I've had highlights and lost nearly a stone!'

    He was embarrassed to say the least :p
  6. mandye

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    Some peeps dont ask because they think you are ill .Have had a lady ask me at work if everything was all right ,to which I replied great just had 2 weeks in the sun she then said had I found insurance dear took me a while but got it she thought I had the big C and was on treatment (weight lose hair lose ect) Well never seen anyone so happy to be wrong .I have mentioned it to boss and he says a few customers have been concerned about me but didnt like to pry ,maybe that is why some peeps ask about your change in a round about way they dont want to ask if your ill.

    Wish they would just ask its a great feeling when they notice makes you 10 feet tall lol
  7. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    I used to get the hair one all the time, made my day!!! I think some people genuinelly dont notice the difference, just notice a difference if you know what I mean!
  8. hotstuff

    hotstuff Full Member

    Yeah I had a lady ask me today if I had lost a load of weight (I've lost almost 6 st! Clapping myself on back!), I'm always tempted to turn around and say "sh1t, where did it go" as if I hadn't noticed but I don't as I know they are trying to be nice. She asked if I was trying to lose it so I assume she either thought I was sick or trying so I fought the urge to say that I just woke up a bit thinner this morning! Lol! She was genuinely impressed.

    I think most people are either afraid you are sick or you will be offended if they ask.
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