Hate LL today


I must admit i dont find LL at all easy,I found CD easier last year,maybe better flavours?I went to work today and everyone ate cakes 3 staff and me sat in the middle:eek: I really wanted to eat chicken a chicken kebab.
How do you get through it?I work have 3 kids and Im moving house anyone else have a stressful life and find it easy?
If it's any consolation, I'm hating it today too. Only day 4 and I'm fed up with this. I want to go to the pub or out for dinner. :(

I know I won't but I felt like a whinge. I just went to watch The Devil wears Prada and imagined myself swanning around in gorgeous clothes (only something along the lines of Top Shop would be more my speed... :D )

Another early night I s'pose... :rolleyes:

I'm sorry you're having such a lousy day hun.

Do you know, I've craved chicken constantly since starting this diet! I reckon my first meal on day 101 will be chicken!

I'm knitting a jumper to try and take my mind off food....knitting on a saturday night :eek: :eek: :eek: I'd normally be out on the town (but I wouldn't be 18lbs lighter :D)

Thinking about you.

Kitty xxx
Hi Ladies,

It must be one of them days, as i have had that too... i have had to cook dinner for seven and its hard. I am on day 31, but still have my good and bad days lol.

I have been doing cross stitch on a saturday night watching x factor............ can my days get any better so i know how you feel.

Sat night, 24 years old, cross stitch = sad lol

Hang in there girls,

we will be wearing the devil wears prada gear soon lol


Gem xx
I keep saying I couldn't have picked a more stressful period in my life to do this diet than now (well with two exceptions thinking about it).

I have my own business, we are in the process of getting together our first order for one of the top three supermarkets and every single thing that could go wrong, has and I mean EVERY single thing, not one stage in this whole job has gone right. This is despite this being our sixth major customer now and having done much bigger jobs than this.

We have worked 21 hour days in the past week to try to get this job dispatched and we only received the last of the packaging this morning - it needs dispatching on Wednesday!

In the past four months I have also had to move the children away from a school that we loved, I was a governor, my family have been involved in the school since before it was opened and it was a horrendous and far reaching decision to move them.

It has also been our busiest time in work too.

I spend a lot of time travelling through work as well and find that particularly difficult. I have just spent almost a week in Germany doing an exhibition as well.

And I have three young kids.

I have always always used food as a crutch and have felt almost bereft without it. I keep wondering if I would have been better waiting for a less stressful time to do this diet because I really have struggled.

But you know I think if you take a snapshot of any four or five months in your life there are going to be very stressful periods, events, weddings, holidays, etc and therefore I really don't think that I should have waited because I really don't believe there is a "right time" to do this.

Good luck, stick at it and listen to the counselling, pick up what you can to help you for the rest of your life.

Something our counsellor said this week and many others have also said on here is that it is much much harder second time around.

Good luck, keep posting and keep focussed, that is all any of us can do.
OMG! I'm knitting too - also spent last night knitting whilst watching telly!

I've never been so productive in all my life! I've almost finished a sweater for me (which although I adapted the pattern, I've been worrying about whether it will actually fit... until now. Now I'm thinking - well if it doesn't fit now, it will do in a month or so... :D )

We should start a craft thread and share patterns etc!
I'lldoit, you will get through it, the longer you do the diet the easier it gets, i promise!! Stick with it!!!!

I've decided to go back to SS'ing on LL from today as i've put weight on over the last week and it's getting out of hand - i'm yo-yoing every week and it's pissing me off!!

So i'm gonna be suffering with you for the first couple of weeks (altho when i did it first time round it was the easiest diet ever!).

We're all in this together, which helps doesn't it?
Hi Thankyou all it was a day yesterdy when i was a bit*h and bit everyones head off at home(not literally but could of eaten the 6 years olds head;) )I just went to my group last week and the other 3 ladies who did it said they found it easy???????????????just me a struggling?????????????:eek: But it was my 2nd time round??????????????????
Thanks again your support is wonderful and today is betterxx