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Have any of you given up something?


Lover of Extra Easy
When I rejoined SW 12 weeks ago, I decided to give up bread and I have stuck to it!
I always was a fairly large bread eater and it formed quite a part of my daily diet.
I did like bread and know that I can use it as HEX's and/or syn it but I chose not to.
One or two slices is not enough so I gave it up totally, and don't miss it at all. It's gone out of my life forever now!
I have done the same with chcolate but I have had 2 small bars in the 10 weeks. No more, as I really derived no pleasure from them. I really don't miss it.

So, have any of you decided to give up anything?
I know with SW, one doesn't have to give up anything, but those are changes I opted for and want to stick to them.
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Slow but sure....
Yes biscuits - and I haven't had one for 3 months now, Light Alpen bars have taken their place and I don't even crave a biscuit now.

I have given up chocolate - but not for good, at the moment I have no cravings for it, so as long as it last's then I am off chocolate.

I also love bread - fresh baked granary bread - gorgeous, but I have only eaten WW thick wholemeal bread for 3 months now (2 for a HEXB) and it is satisfying me, but I don't think I could give fresh bread up for good.

Andy R.

Time for a change
Hey its pretty much the same for me sonia, i always had bread with everything, now i hardly ever touch it. Same with chocolate, although i do miss it now and again, but thats what we got syns for, so im pretty much taken care of. Oh wait PIZZA, was a fav, now seen as the devil and wont go near it lol


Nojo on the YoYo
Real butter, the good hard salty artery clogging kind. And KFC. And Pringles. And white bread cos I can't get white Nimble anywhere *sigh*
Ive stopped having butter on the small amount of bread i do eat. I havent managed to cut out sweet stuff entirely but hardly eat as i have to use my syns for it. Quite happy with SW cake if i should want it.


Lover of Extra Easy
Oh, yes PIZZA!!
Andy, I forgot about that... been so long I have almost forgotten how it tastes!
So, another item on the list, banished forever!

When I think back, at how much junk I ate, I really am shocked!


Nojo on the YoYo
Ah but WW white is not a HEX. I don't syn bread cos i'm already allowed some. I only syn stuff i'm not allowed, like gravy and marge and sauces and the occasional sweets and crisps.

Andy, them Pringles are calllllling to me.

I really need to go out and shop and get me a rotisserie chicken and some salad haha!
Liquorice allsorts luv em but cann't stop at one,
These are my all time fave sweetie. I love them. One syn each hun, I count out 15 and eat those, save the rest for another night!!

As for giving anything up, not for good - I always give something up for Lent. I've done bread, cheese, chocolate, biscuits in the past to name a few and I've always missed those things so much I've let them back into my life.

I eat these things a lot less since SW but I haven't given anything up.

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