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Have I blown it?? How long til ketosis back?

I know this sounds really silly but its my TOTM and Im on my 2nd week of SS. I lost 11lbs last week and am really struggling this week. :cry:

Last night in desperation I literally "stuffed" 3 slices of wholemeal bread and butter.:sign0007: Today Im wondering if its worth carrying on or have I ruined all the hard work I done and how long will it take me to get back into ketosis??

Does anyone else ever "binge" on occasions and has it ruined all your hard work?? And while Im here can anyone tell me if its ok to occasionally have a night off and have a meal out with friends as long as I dont go mad??

Thanks in advance x:devilangel:
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Hi, yes I had a cheese and coleslaw sandwich last Thurs eve (TOTM related) and was out of ketosis until Fri eve. I drank loads of water and stuck to my packs and still managed to lose 2.5 lb. Keep going, you will get back into ketosis and I didn't have any unpleasant symptoms getting back.
Don't know about the night off question. I would love a night off too but I think I would find it very hard to get back to SS'ing afterwards!
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I find it easier to get back into ketosis if I just have a minor slip up, but please be aware that it's not really the way to go.

Once you think that "you've got away with it once" it can lead to a slippery slope - and besides it drags out the whole sorry process!

Please don't think I'm preaching but I'm speaking from experience on the basis that I "messed about" for about 6 months earlier this year, losing and regaining the same stone, I really don't know how that affected by body, but I'm sure it's not good.
I've had a few binging episodes during my time SSing and while it has obviously delayed the weight loss I did get there eventually.

I think we need to remember that (unless we really go for a stuff-fest) even when we do deviate from the diet we are still taking in fewer calories than we need and so while we may not enjoy the magic touch of the 'Ketosis-fairy' we still lose weight.

Chin(s) up old thing and start again!
Hi, I still really dont understand how to tell when am in ketosis, but similar to you, been doing ss for a week, and only kept straight for 1 day! the other 5 days I was more or less having mouthfulls including bread and butter whilst preparing dinner for kids, one other day I went absolutely mad with starch and oil carbs, my wi day was yesterday and lol! was i suprised that I lost 10lbs? I dint expect to loose anything, but I sure did loose 10lbs on my first mad week, so today am onto my second week and am struggling a little, but i know that sticking with it and remembering to just stop even after a minute madness will be all worth it,,, go on gal, dont give up,

Good luck


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