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Have I blown it?


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I cheated and im ashamed:cry:
I ate a portion of fish and chip shop chips. I was hungry, but my pack would have sorted it. But at the time I wanted them, but now I feel awful. Ive taken 4 senna tablets and 2 fybogel sachets to try and expel them from my body. I'm drinking loads of water, but dont know if to have my 2 shakes left today, or just see how the hunger takes me? Also will this have 100% knocked me out of ketosis, how long should I wait after eating them to do a keto stix?
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Slimming down the aisle
Definitely still have your shakes, you need the nutrition. I'm not sure that taking all the senna tablets and sachets is a great idea, be careful with them! I'm pretty sure it will have, but it might not, wait until tomorrow and you should know then. The key is to just not worry about it now, just pick yourself up and jump straight back on and carry on 100%.


Oh sweetie please don't abuse laxatives, you could make yourself ill doing that.

It might knock you out of ketosis but you wont have replaced all your glycogen stores so you should be back in pretty sharpish anyway next day or so.

Have your other two packs as I doubt that there's enough protein in the fish to keep you going.

Be aware that between today to say Monday you might show a gain on thescales. Don't panic its not a real gain, its your body processing the carbs and salt out so don't et despondent. In fact if you don't think you could handle it, avoid the scales until you feel stronger.

Now, lesson learned and file it away for future reference. Thats it. Move on and don't beat yourself up, its not worth it. Thats what I did for almost two weeks and I was thoroughly miserable. Be your own stanchest supporter.


You will also need the shakes, as if "pushing" your food through your gut could deplete yourself of essential salts and minerals, especially if hammering the water too. The shakes will replace some.


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I just can't believe I did it. If I worked all day, every day then I would be able to be 100%, no problems. I also find it hard when my OH eats 'bad' stuff. He's lucky, he can get away with it.
I'm praying I still lose a little this week.


you should still lose, might not set your dieting world on fire but you'll be okay.

A meal off plan is not the end of the plan!


100% all the way!
Don't worry dietingdon, it's done now, just forget about it. I'm at work at the moment and my collegues are having fish and chips and it smells sooooooo nice! :(
agree with everything Lexie has said and 'please' dont abuse laxatives you will NEED to have your 2 shakes and also loads of water as you dont want to be passing out from having all the senna and the fybogel.

Alot of us have had a meal off the plan at some point and as Lexie said again its not the end of the plan and its what you do now that counts.

Just dust yourself off and chalk it down to experience and keep to it 100% now


WILL be Slim!
i think part of CD is that if you do have a blip, you have to be able to accept it and move on. When your back to eating again when your at goal, you will have to deal with "blips" occassionally, and laxitives is certainly not the way forward hun!
Just make sure you learn from this and move forward and you will be fine...just dont expect wonders from the scales at your next weigh in!


To err is human: to forgive, divine. In this case you have to forgive yourself.

You've not done anything wrong, you've just had a wee bump off plan.
You havent failed or finished the diet, just got a bit off track but you will be fine once you get back on. Its a lesson not a failure. keep going as planned. Please be careful with the laxative darling.

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