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Have reached my first plateau

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
I've been really lucky & had steady losses right up to Christmas but since then I've stayed in the 15 stone bracket & cannot seem to get out of it so I guess I have hit my first plateau. I've read through all of the advice on here & I'm going to attempt a few red days this week after 2 weeks of 100% on EE & 2 weeks of STS. I guess what I wanted to know if how you managed to get through any plateau's that you hit along the way & also any advice on managing red days would be greatly appreciated
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With red days I look for green substitutes...for instance I like bashed swede instead of mashed spud and grated microwaved cauliflower instead of rice.

Roast dinners (sans spuds) are yummy or steak with roasted med veg.

Good luck, hope you kick your plateau this week!


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Its one of those things you just need to stick with it I really struggled at 17 stones could not get into the 16 when I finally got to 17st 1lb I was so excited that the next week I would be 16st something - I was gutted when i lost 0.8lb so was still 17st something. The very next week (without doing anything different) I dropped a whole 5lbs and am now 16stone something :)
ive been the same for about 6/8 weeks and i did a week of sucess express and lost 3.5lbs then the following week did 3 days of it and lost a further 1.5lbs that brings me to this week and im trying 2 red days for the first time ever, normally im 100% ee but i just feel like ive hit a brick wall with it and need to spice things up a bit


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I don't do red so can't help there, but I sympathise as I'm plateau-ing too at the moment. It's very annoying as I'm sticking to the plan as usual and am used to seeing results! I'm going to conduct a major review over the weekend and trawl through here and the books and mags for some alternative lunches as I think I'm in a bit of a rut. I'm also going to reduce portion sizes a bit as I think I may be having too many calories. So, different food and less of it is my plan! Hope you manage to get the losses going again, good luck.
I've reach my first too at 16st5lb i had thought that last year this was a different plateau but upping my protien and lowing the amount of carbs eaten this week and uping my exercise and i hope next thursday my work will show results. Best of luck in getting out of the plateau


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I'm sure reds will get it all moving again, I only have a few EE/green days each week as the carbs slow my weight loss. I eat lots of SW quiche, omlettes, big cheese salads, veg soup for lunch and dinner is pretty easy, I save HEXb's for potatoes or pasta and make sure I pile the veg and meat on my plate. Diet coke chicken is lovely on Red, recipe is in the recipe forum.

Good luck! Hope it gets things moving for you again :)

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
Thank you for your help. I'm glad I'm not alone. Hitting a plateau is really frustrating especially when you know you have been on plan 100%. I did a huge review a few weeks back & looked at portion sizes etc & had 2 weeks of losses after that but now I have stalled again so I think even though I will probably struggle with red days I'm going to try to do a few of them each week to see if that helps. Just need some willpower coz I would love a bit plate of rice :(
As a green day girl I can't advise on red days, but my advice is not to do what I did when I hit my first plateau....stick at it for a few weeks and then start to let the diet slide, and slide, and slide some more. Gave up for 7 months in frustration, gained 7lb (glad that's all it was!) then took another 6 weeks to get back to where I was and it's been moving ever since. It's starting to slow right up at the moment to half a pound a week at best but I'm determined not to do the same again :) Good Luck x


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Just need some willpower coz I would love a bit plate of rice :(
I know EXACTLY how you feel! It is hard but actually after a few weeks of reds you loose the carb cravings, the first week I did mostly reds I would have sold my arm for a plate of pasta :p but several weeks on I really don't miss it so much. And actually although it can be a little bit more limiting on red, it's quite easy to find meals for. Def up your fibre and water intake though as you can get a little more 'bunged up' ;)

Let us know how you get on!

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
Thanks for all of your advice. If I'm honest I'm feeling a bit rubbish as I have a really bad headache & I did feel a bit hungry but not as bad as I expected. I had an omlette for tea & even though I was looking forward to it & do love omlettes (though usually with a bit of rice on the side :eek:) I didnt enjoy it & didnt even finish it. I going to drown my sorrows with my extra b choice of 2 alpen lights later though!!! :p

I'm going to try another day tomorrow though as I am very pleased with myself to have actually got through 1 day of it. Will definately let you know how I get on

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