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    i work in an m local at -- 7 oclock we reduce a bag of chocolate plait and stuff like that to 25 p and its a bargain that im faced with a lot i have also caved alot to the smell of pastry as it comes through the till i see a pck of 4 yums reduced i cannot resist and i eat them all at the moment we have galaxy counters pouch on offer for a £1 i have had 3 pack now. i have had a day where i had to buy jam doughnuts because they smelt to nice. although i always feel guilty for my choices i cant stop and i make the worst decisions.
    so does anyone have any tips i have tried not taking my purse this works but i dont keep much packed lunch stuff unfortunately so a lot of the time i dont have a choice just in case i need any petrol as well
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  3. Cahrlierogers

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    i would probably have so much funny if i ate healthy i usually get a ham sandwich its so simple its grog on bad thing is its not make with brown bread i may need to look up what ham it is. i think i may apply the saving up for my hoiliday or new clothes :-D
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