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Having trouble figuring out a good goal weight..

:help2:I looked at a weight chart and one said 80lbs.. WHAT?! I would be all bones at that weight. I am big boned, And 4ft 9in / 144.5cm and I can't find a reasonable goal weight.. :( I want to set myself a goal. I weight 15st 7lb / 221lbs. So many conflicting things, I've never been thin so I don't know what weight would look/feel good. I have no clue what my dress size is either.. :( I always bought the too painful to notice xl variety clothing.
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Finally a size 12!
Hi hun

My ideal weigh should be 8 stone but im aiming for 10 as 8 is too low! its whatever you feel happy with x
If you were 8st your BMI would be 24.2 which puts you just in the healthy range. I personally would aim for around the BMI23 mark which for you would be 7st 9lbs.
No BMI is just a good way to work out what range is considered healthy for you (or in my case how to shut my doctor up!LOL).
As long as your BMI is 25 or under you are consider healthy.


Finally a size 12!
Phew ha ha ha just dont wanna get to a point where i look ill but im saying well my BMI is healthy! Lol
BMI is only a guide and as often been said many marathon runners would be considered underweight by its standards and many rugby players hugely overweight.

I got to a BMI of jut under 25 last year and I looked good - I was size 12 on top (the boobs do return, I promise ;)) and a size 10 on the bottom - I'm 5'3".

In the end of the day you need to feel that you 'look right' - you will know when you 'look right' so don't fret for now - just keep going!

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