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Having your photo taken.

I know most of us HATE having our photos taken - me included.

BUT last month I got my mum to take 2 photos of me, one face on and one side on. Im wearing a plain skirt and neat fitting t shirt - that was deliberate so I could actually see what was lurking under the clothes a bit lol

I have them filed in a special folder entitled 'Horror Photos' ;) The plan being every month after my doctors appointment she'll take another 2.

WELL I had my 2nd lot taken today and emailed to me at my flat and OH MY! I can see such a difference in just 4 weeks.
My mum and dad were amazed at the photos too.

I know the instinct is to hide from the camera but if you havent already done so - TAKE A PHOTO ;) and take them regularly its going to be fantastic to be able to compare them and really see the weight coming off!!

And just think, once we're all skinny minnies we can bore all our family and friends with the 'before' photos ;)
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I have one that's my before photo, but might be about a stone or so lighter, and I've taken some over my journey! I think I'll take my next one on 1st May, and then the 1st from then on.

Also, measurements people! I'm guilty of these, I didn't take my first measurements so will never know how much I've actually lost, but I'm going to measure myself on the 1st of every month as well. (In cms so it looks like I've lost more ;) )

Starlight - why don't you post your pics on the Minimins Photo section? Just so we can all view your progress?
Ooh, I want to see your pics!

I agree on the measurements. I took mine this time round, I will be taking them every 4 weeks. I took my 2nd lost this morning and was thrilled to find that I've lost a whole inch of my thigh AND my hips! Wey hey! I was a bit disappointed not to have lost anything off my waist or arms (I hate my arms!), but maybe that'll come next time eh.

I'm definitely glad I measured this time though, so I'd definitely recommend it.

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