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Total Solution Hazel's Diary - I think I can, I know I can!

Hi, well today is my first day and I thought I'd start a diary to keep me on track.

A bit of background - I'm 34 years old, have 3 children Jack (12), Ben (8) and Grace (5) and luckily a very supportive Husband.

I've always struggled to keep my weight stable, been on every diet going (except VLCDs) and would consider myself to be an emotional eater. Things started to get worse last July when I got bad depression and started binge/comfort eating. Unfortunately doctor referred me to the eating disorder service (for Binge Eating Disorder) and things got even worse!

I was never really convinced that I had a true ED but when you get people in authority telling you that you do, it really messes with your head. I was 13 stone when I first saw the ED Nurse but after seeing a Dietician and having interpersonal psychotherapy I'm now 15st 3! Her solution was eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day, DON'T diet and oh cut my Dad out of my life!:confused:

Don't get me wrong I'm sure for the right person the ED Service is vital but just not for me.

It's taken me a while to get my head straight. The ED nurse told me I wasn't depressed and took me off the anti depressants. I got a lot worse and was practically suicidal. Luckily my family are all really supportive and with their help I discharged myself from the ED Service and went back to my GP. He has since put me back on ADs and now after 3 months I feel normal :D well as normal as I can be - I am a bit bonkers!:p

Sorry for the ramblings but it feels good to get it all out :)

So back to today and so far I'm coping really well. Had a vanilla shake for breakfast, lots of water and black coffee.

I weighed myself this morning and was 15st 0lb so lost 3lbs in my preparation week! Going to take my measurements and a few gross pictures:eek: to look back on.

So that's me and if you've made it this far thanks for reading :)

I look forward to finding out how everyone else is doing and hopefully supporting you all too if I can.

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Good luck with your journey Hazel. Plenty of support here for you and information. This diet works! It can be tough at times and I have had a couple of wobbles but most of the time I have managed to stay 100%. In the beginning you will see the pounds dropping which is a great motivator to get through the first couple of weeks. I am a real comfort/boredom type eater and tend to have an 'all or nothing' personality so keeping to traditional ways of dieting such as slimming world and weight watchers never seem to work very well for me. In the long term I do know that using those systems will help me maintain when I have got to goal (I know that as my slimming world weigh ins I never lost much but didn't gain either!) Anyway, stay strong and use the message boards for inspiration. :)
Thanks phoenix101 and moonbeams. Phoenix101 you've had some really good losses well done on sticking to it for this long, I hope I can. I'm surviving ok today not even hungry. My friend just bought some of her birthday cake round (she doesn't know I'm doing this as I decided not to tell people) and I gave it to my DH very easily :D
Good self control there! I find weekends difficult. My social life has been seriously affected by doing this but I keep thinking that a few months off the wine etc will be beneficial and my friends will really notice the difference on my next girls night out in December (if they haven't forgotten about me by then!) I'm lucky enough to be a member of a private pool so am off for a swim this evening to take my mind off takeaways!!! Keep it up, by tomorrow you will be thinner than you were this morning (that's my mantra) :D
Enjoy your swim phoenix, I know what you mean about takeaways - my husband and I are a bit partial to those. I've just had my soup, thai chicken, which I actually really enjoyed :D I feel totally stuffed now. Just getting myself comfy on the sofa for an evening of strictly, xfactor and maybe a film. May even treat myself to a glass of coke zero:p
Hi and welcome to the forums

Good luck with your journey. This is my second serious attempt at a VLCD ... I went 10 months on Cambridge in 2006/7 and lost around 10st going from over 22st down to a bit over 12.

I've since regained 5 stone of that and although I've tried restarting a VLCD on numerous occasions, I don't think my head has been in the right place. I now seem to have regained my mojo (don't know how or why) so am just running with it.

Looking forward to sharing your journey with you x
Hi and good luck with your exante journey.

I got to goal with Lipotrim two and a half years ago, but since I have gained nearly two stone, just purely with over indulgence, stopping smoking and old habits creeping back in. I am now on day 5 of exante to remove the excess again :)

VLCD's definitely work, and the weight isnt gained straight away afterwards unless you go back to your old ways, I maintained for a year before I started gaining weight again when I stopped smoking.

Good luck and keep posting.
Hi Hazel, good luck with Exante. It REALLY works. xx
Thanks for all your replies :) It's great to hear how everyone else is doing.

Woo! I've completed Day 1 and actually found it ok - I'm still riding on the wave of excitement though so I'm sure it will get harder.:character00180:

I found the shakes and soups smell a bit funky but tasted ok, mind you I've never been a fussy eater :p

Today is going well, had hot chocolate shake and lots of water so far . Getting lots of exercise running to the toilet and dancing about on the landing whilst I wait for whoever's in there to finish :p

Was going to go to an aerobics class tomorrow am. but as it's day 3 then I'm not sure it's a good idea - I've heard that can be a hard day :confused:
Hi Hazel, Glad to hear it is going ok so far. As far as exercise goes I have been exercising every day since I started but have been walking and swimming building my fitness levels up gradually. Exante say that 30 minutes exercise every day will help with weight loss. I would recommend starting off with something like that as suddenly going into an aerobics class and feeling the pressure to keep up with the others when you are taking in so few calories might make you feel a little woozy and lightheaded. Maybe others on this forum have done it though and they have been ok? Keep up the good work!:D
Thanks phoenix I think you're probably right. I used to do 2 classes a week before I piled on the weight, but haven't been going much since. They have mirrored walls and realising that the baby elephant prancing about was me :eek: wasn't very motivating! Think I'll start walking more - our dog Lola will be pleased :)
Well I've made it to Day 3 100% TS! Had a very upset tummy this morning which wasn't pleasant :eek: but I feel okay in myself.

Managed to cook roast dinner for everyone yesterday and sit at the table with them to have my soup. Didn't feel deprived at all so hope it lasts :)

DH has been really supportive - he feels guilty eating anything in front of me, but I keep telling him this is my choice so not to worry. He did eat his evening snack in the kitchen, which was probably for the best as I think I would have rugby tackled him for it at that point :p
Day 4 :D and still finding it fairly easy. Feel a bit lethargic but otherwise ok - my tummy seems to have settled down now thank goodness :p At one point yesterday I thought we were going to have to evacuate the building :eek:

Had banana shake this morning and had it hot, it was absolutely lush :) I did that with the strawberry one yesterday and that was lush too! I find they don't have the funny smell that the choc and vanilla do.

The battery has gone in my scales and I've decided to wait a bit to replace it, so I'm not tempted to hop on before Saturday. Just hope I've lost a good amount as in the past a bad reading on the scales has meant eating all day :eek:

Well my Asda delivery should be arriving soon. Usually it's full of goodies for me, which I eat before DH and kids get home :p but not this time!

Feeling saintly :innocent0002: x
Well done saint Hazel on not even ordering your favourite things. I've only had the choc hot and I've made it in a peppermint tea and had minty choc mmmmmmmm.

I did that with my scales a few weeks ago and boy did it make me stick to it, then a few wobbly weeks but hey ho I'm back with you now with a vengeance ;).
Yum! Just had some peppermint tea - didn't know I liked that. Definitely going to try the choc shake with it tomorrow. Feeling really lucky that I like the taste of everything so far, I know there are others who don't, which must make it really hard.
Yum! Just had some peppermint tea - didn't know I liked that. Definitely going to try the choc shake with it tomorrow. Feeling really lucky that I like the taste of everything so far, I know there are others who don't, which must make it really hard.
sometimes though if you stick with it your taste buds do change and you find you like it after all!
i remember trying some coffee substitute which was made of dandelion roots....the taste was utterly vile but cause i couldnt have coffee cause it made me ill i stuck with it. now i couldnt drink anything else (even if it does have a certain aftertaste)! lol
so perhaps if a person who didnt like it to start with, kept having it knowing they cant have anything else, they might change their minds?!

h xx


Here to help :-)
Well done Hazel, you've started on Saturday, like myself. Glad to see it's going well for you.



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