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Health versus being Thin

Hi All, met up with my friends again last night and this time our discussion brought up the following question...
When you do a diet do you care about what you eat or how thin you think you will get? Obviously we need to think about the health implications, but do we really, are or is it just about getting the weight of.
I am looking forward to your replies on this one.
Best regards
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Hi all
I see lots of you have had a look at this, but I need some replies or next week it will be a boring night in the pub as my previous discussion has really got us all going with everyone having an opinion and no silences all night.
I know in the past I thought if I starve myself I will lose the weight, well we all know that doesn't work but I guess I was only thinking in the short term because I just wanted to get the weight off. I know I have put being thin before my health in the past and I can't be the only one, can I?
Before anyone panics that I am still being stupid, I am not. I am now doing Go Lower, and being very sensible and losing weight eating food.
Please, instead of just viewing the thread how about some replies.
All the best
Hiya Suzy. i'm probably not the best person to answer this as I have never been thin by any stretch of the imagination. Right now I am fully realising that I need to prioritise my health, I've diabetes, high bp, asthma, excess stomach acid.

11st would leave me at a bmi of 25 and sometimes I worry I still won't be accepted in today's looks-obsessed society but if I am healthy and my blood glucose etc is under control I'll be happy enough.

In saying that I've this notion in my head about trying to get to 8st 11 to give me an exact figure of 13st off but I may be being slightly unrealistic there lol.


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Hi Lyn
Thanks for your reply, and it doesn't matter who "answers" as I want different opinions. Our discussion came about we all know people in the past who have put their health at risk by the way they dieted.
You have come at it from a different angle, that if we don't lose weight we are also damaging our health.
I want as many replies as I can have as I love to hear peoples opinions and experiences, (probably because I am naturally so nosey.)
Why do you want a weight loss of 13 stone as that is more than 2 stone from your goal and a size 14 is a good size, I would love to be back there as well.
I know I probably shouldn't say this but it is only aimed at you, surely less than 9 stone unless you are way under 5 feet tall is going to leave you under weight which goes back to my thread title of "health versus being thin" as if you are seriously under weight that will bring with it a whole new lot of health problems. Which is certainly not something you need once you have got your current problems under control.
I am a firm believer so long as you feel good then you look good, so do try to ignore "todays looks - obsessed society". easy to say I know.
Keep in touch and a few more replies would be great as well.
Best regards
Good point there Suzy. I think I would maybe need to get to 10st to be a size 14. TBH though I am excited by the thought of getting down to even 12 or 13st as it's been a long time since I weighed that.

A size 14 would open up a whole world to me of being able to shop in most places and I think it'd be a healthy size to aim for but would most likely set off an addiction to clothes shopping!:D Still, there's worse things.

I am trying to work on building my self esteem atm which I think is important whatever a person weighs.

I read on another of your posts these topics are leading to some good discussions among you and your friends. What do they think?


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Ahhhhhhh, Hi Lyn, I just wrote this lovely long reply back to you and then lost it before posting. OK now I have to re-write it all.
Firstly you have to believe in yourself before others believe in you so start blowing your own trumpet because nobody else will do it for you!!!!
Regarding your possible addiction to clothes shopping, hey there are a lots worse thing than being a shopaholic, sorry I can't join you as I am in London!
The discussion with my friends have been all over the place which is why it has been great to post on here and see how their opinions vary as much as they do on this site. We have discussed all sorts and if they had their way I would be posting lots of new threads but I told them one a week is enough as I normally can only get online at work as home is too manic, or I am too tired. we normally all meet about once a week, some sane time away from husbands and kids and since I brought up my diet to them our main topic of conversation has been diets and weight loss in one form or another.
By the way, I noticed you and I both have the same goal weight, we will get there.
Which diet are you doing, I am on Go Lower which I am only able to stick to because of the treats otherwise I would have fallen of the wagon long ago.
Gonna have a nose around the site now. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
I also want some more opinions so come on all you out there don't just read the posts lets here your thoughts as well.
Best regards
For me it was health. Being so big didn't actually bother me at the time. I had little opinion of myself anyway, no interest in fashion or clothes shopping, and didn't look after myself at all. However as the weight came off, I started to take more pride in my appearance. I now love shopping and take ages getting dressed in the morning!

However health is still my priority. I still count ww points, and will eat outside my points if necessary to ensure I get a good balanced diet each day. I especially struggle to get enough calcium, but am increasing dairy and decreasing treats to fix this.

I am not sure if this answers your question!

Nicola xx
In the past just to get the weight off but but now since I lost my parents (not weight related) and I have hit 42 I think about my health much more.That is now my main reason for wanting to lose weight where in the past it was def vanity


Xmas goal, here I come!
If I am being completely honest with you all an dmyself, then I would have to say that a lot of the time thin does come before health, but I always hope that it will happen before any health issues do.
Sometimes I will change my mind and go from trying to eat healthy to just trying to get the weight off. I fluxuate between the two. Right now I am crashing for 5 days out of 7 b/c I have a thing to go to on the weekend and i want my weight to be as down as I can get it and then at Christmas I am having a family reunion with people I haven't seen in a long time and I want to shock and surprise them all. Unfortunately my desire is not always for a good reason. In the first case I want to look good to people who are my husbands associates and not embarrass him or myself (although he doesn't think this way, I do). In the 2nd case, I have always been the fat one with this particular group of people (hubby's family) and have always felt they were judging me if not verbally then mentally and with looks.
But more than anything or anyone I want to do it for myself, but again not solely for health reasons as it s/b, but b/c i am very unhappy looking the way I do. Its all a mental and emotional thing for me. Unfortunate, but true. and I know all the psychological reasons for this thinking but that doesn't change the way I feel.
So, hope this answered your question and did not bore you to death.
Morning All, thanks for the replies. I feel like we will have plenty to discuss again this weekend.
Purple Star, first I want to say well done on reaching goal. I can't wait until I get there. It is also good to hear that you feel better about yourself. I guess when I want to go out somewhere I have a nightmare as I can't find any clothes I like that make me feel good, but apart from that I have always had confidence in myself so to hear you didn't is very sad. I am of the opinion take me as I am and if you don't like it tough. Keep up with the balanced diet as we all know that is the correct way to go, even if we don't always stick to it, well me anyway.
Hi Jayne, thanks for the reply, I think we can all relate to the vanity thing. Sorry to hear about your parents. It is good to know you are now losing weight for the "right" reasons.
Hi Soozsb, you certainly did not bore me, you are a person after my own heart..... I can totally relate to what you have written, especially the bit about husbands associates. Hubby loves me as I am but I am sometimes conscious when we are out with a group of his friends or work colleagues. We have his Xmas do next week, black tie and I can barely get into the dress I have, so long as I don't try to breathe I may even last the night. Otherwise it is a top and skirt which looks christmassy but not exactly evening dress.
My big do is my 40th next year and I want to surprise family and friends then, as I have put on so much weight since having kids and most last saw me at my youngest sons baby naming and I still went on to put on even more weight since then.
I also feel hubbys family must think, gosh why hasn't she lost weight, I couldn't even do it properly for my wedding, yet his sister, my bridesmaid went on a strict diet and looked fantastic.
I have tried starving myself but then I can't stick to it and it all goes back on and more. We all know we "should" be sensible when we lose weight but that is not what motivates us. I also am not thinking of my health when I lose weight although at least with my current diet I am following it to a T. A rarity for me but it is actually quite easy for me to stick to. I won't go into the details as I have bored enough people already telling them how great Go Lower is but I have become a fan! Let me know how the do goes at the weekend and make sure you have a good time. What we all have to remember is our weight is our issue and most people probably are not even thinking about that when they see us.
I should get on with some work now as the boss will be in soon. Keep in touch and keep those replies coming.
Best regards
I also look at slim famous women and wonder why they don't look worse seeing as they are unhealthy (we all know they are whether they admit it or not) and don't eat much.
That's cos they all have make-up artists etc to make them look healthy, not forgetting air-brushing in mags.;) Good post.
I remember Eva Herzigova from her 'hello boys' days. I thought she looked fantastic. Apparently when VB wanted a 4th kid she was told to put weight on but that hasn't happened. She can't want to get herself well though and I suppose there's no incentive for her (even a child) as she seems to be doing pretty good in her fashion career in US.
Evening Lyn and Cakeless, I do enjoy reading what you guys have written, as so much is exactly what I am thinking.

What with make-up artists, personal trainers and I am sorry to say but some must have had tummy tucks after the kids, what chance do us mere mortals have to look like them. I can understand youngesters getting their figures back very soon after babies but we all know the older we get the harder it is. Even my friends that are very slim have had to work hard over time to get rid of the baby tummy!

Cakeless I totally sympathise with the doctor thing, I hate it when I have to be weighed for something. I am undergoing physio now and I am sure she is desperate to say to me I must lose weight, but so far she has been very tactful.

If I really beleived I could starve myself and keep it of without it affecting my health I would probably try again, but we I know deep down it won't work for me as I will put more back on.
Gotta go to see to my youngest.
All the best
Hi Suzy,

I do have a very good health reason for being slim - due to a RTA in 1996 and a severly smashed heel, the less weight I carry the better. This is in addition to all the normal health reasons.

Being completely honest though, it is how I look that makes me stick to a diet. I don't want to be super thin but I want to get back to the stage where I can go shopping and buy clothes on the basis of whether I like them rather than what makes me look slimmest.

Hi again Tarotwomen.......
I know what you mean about your heel, I broke my leg in '97 and it is my ankle that really suffers and I know as you do, the less weight the less pain. I

n fact that was one of my biggest problems as at the time I was getting very fit and healthy, going to the gym at least 3 times a week and swimming everyday before work and then after 3 months in plaster all that good work was out the window and I have never got back to that kind of regime. Now with kids I don't have the time to even think about it let alone do it!

I just buy clothes now that fit...... and don't make me look to bad, finding something that will make me look slim is still a way of, but I am getting fed up with mens jumpers and tops.

Gonna go as I really should be working, although I will still have a nose around the forum.

Best regards
Hi All

I just thought I would see how you are all doing as I have not heard much for a few days and it would be great if we could keep this thread going for a bit longer.

Kind regards


A little of everything!
Theres a guy on the VLCD forum who has stated that he doesn't care HOW he loses the weight as long as it's as quickly as possible. He has said he doesn't care about the health consequences. You might like to give it a look (it's by Nerys), I've stopped posting on it as I was only getting aggravated by his attitude. It's interesting reading though.
Morning Irishmum......

You have written to me. I have just replied to your thread about the stress you have got yourself into about the person above.

I will try to find the thread as it does sound interesting but in a way I can kind of understand the need to want to lose weight any way possible. I know I have been stupid in the past but that is why this time I am doing it by the book as I want to get to goal and stay there.

All the best


A little of everything!
Ahh...see, like me you've learned the hard way that 'stupid' dieting will not work in the long run. I'm trying to pass on some of my (extensive!) experience to help them avoid the same traumas..to no avail!
Never mind, big mug of tea and a 49 cal mini aero have helped immensely....:p;)
Hi Irishmum,

I've just looked at the VLCD section and I'm in agreement with you - I couldn't even read all of it. Last time I dieted and got to target, I struggled with the last stone then the last half stone for months.

My leaders solution was first to cut my calories from 250 extra (1250 total) to 150 extra (1150 total) to give me a boost to lose the last stone and then I reached a plateau again at a half stone to go. Strangely she said increase back to 250 extra and this worked!

Your body tries to hold onto it's reserves if it thinks you're starving so changing the amount of cals whilst still consuming less than you need seems to work. I never went below 1150 cals a day and I'm a 5 foot 3 inch female.


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