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Healthy BMI by Christmas challenge

I know I'm a newbie but I think it might be fun to start a thread for those of us who'd like to be BMI<25 by Christmas, no matter what diet we're on.

Is anyone up for it?

If you are, maybe you could post one or two motivating things about being a healthy weight at Christmas time.

Mine would be:
  • Going for a post Christmas dinner walk, without feeling like a stuffed turkey....
  • Father Christmas leaving something normal-sized in my stocking, rather than yet another enormous dressing gown or cover-it-all pair of PJs

Add yours too....
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I want to be a healthy BMI by my birthday in November but I suppose that isn't far off from Christmas really so I'll join you. :D

And incentives for me:

-I'll be able to go to Christmas parties looking good wearing a little dress or short skirt instead of fretting about what to wear and planning around covering up my chubby bits.

-Being able to ask for clothes for Christmas I could only dream of when bigger.

-Not eating so much that I actually feel ill all Xmas Eve, Xmas Day and Boxing Day!!


Don't worry, be happy :)
Count me in.
My BMI is currently 28.7 and i'm hopeing to have it down to around about 22 for christmas, even if I don't get to 22 I'd be more than happy with anything less than 25.

My incentive would be to wear some nice 'skinny' clothes for christmas day and to look a nice healthy weight in all photos :D.
I'm in. My BMI was 41 in April, it is 31 now.

This year I don't want to shy away from having my picture taken. I want my daughters to have pictures of us together, they have none so far. :(
Welcome everyone:)

How about having the energy, inclination and figure to buy something nice to wear on Xmas Day - maybe a bit sparkly and sexy - instead of going for all-black-just-ignore-me-please?


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I'll join in! I'm aiming for my birthday in November too but may splurge over Thanksgiving (one of best friends is from West Virginia and she force-feeds me lots of Pumpkin-filled treats LOL) so Xmas will be a good target.

I want to look good in crimbo piccies and not be scared of wearing the 'little miss santy' outfit I have for my hubby *blush* LOL
LOL @ Little Miss Santy....:giggle: I might invest myself, for research purposes only, of course. ;)


Laugh in the face of food
Count me in too!!! I should hopefully reach my goal by then, and this will help me stay motivated!!! :party0011:

Great idea for a thread by the way!


Personal Trainer
count me in on this one....

i just want to go out at christmas...and not be the "fat" friend :cry::cry::cry:

so gonna get myself a ticker started :D
although I have a healthy bmi at the mo I would like to get to my target by christmas although i have weddings to go to on nov and dec so it would be nice if i hit the target then. ive set the target to be what I was a year ago, at the mo im just sick of my stomache.
it would be nice to dress up on christmas day and go partying on new years eve.

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