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Healthy extras..


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Bit random.. but I have just found out I am pregnant (at last.. horray!!!) and am sticking to slimming world for the time being at least to make sure I eat healthily..
However, I want to make sure I get my three portions of dairy a day. Normally I'd have a muller light as one portion and then with my healthy extra A i'm almost there.. but forgot to buy the yoghurts this week!!!
Anyway.. my question is, does anyone know the science behind the Hex's? I get plenty of wholemeal from pasta, rice etc so would it be a big deal on days when I'm low on syns to have two Hex A's instead of one A and one B? (I'm doing extra easy)
I don't mean everyday obviously.. just some days. I know I could relax things a bit since I'm pregnant but that's a slippery slope to kebab every night! hahaha and I want my little one to get lots of good foods :0)
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! YAY!! That's so great, sounds like you've been trying for a while then!! I'm afraid I don't know the science behind it all, I just thought that we have an allowance to ensure that we're getting our calcium and fibre!! From what I hear there are lots of people following SW whilst preggers- after all it's just healthy eating and no need to pile on the weight just because you've got a bun in the oven!! I heard somewhere that you only need to take in about 200 cals more per day when preggers- I think some people use it as an excuse to eat what they want! XXXX


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Thanks guys! Hmmm maybe 1 Hex is enough then.. or maybe they assumer you'll eat yoghurts etc.
I've always thought 1oz of cheese/0.5 pints of milk was a portion of dairy and you were meant to have 3 portions a day!!
It's been 7 months.. so I guess not long when some ppl take years but my last was an accident (I'm living proof contraception isn't always 100% affective!!!) so I thought it'd happen instantly! Silly me lol