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healthy extras


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Hi, i have done this before. I try not to, but i really cant drink much milk (gives me a sore throat) so i always have laughing cow not milk but i will have one/two cups of tea in the whole week, so on those days, i have my one cup! and then will just have a smaller amount of cheese. Im not sure what sw would advise to do but so far it hasnt done me any harm xx


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it's possible, but not necessarily advised - unless mixing like quantities. If it's just a dash of milk in the morning and then you want cheese later - then why not syn the milk and have a full HE of the cheese?


Now to maintain.....
i mostly use my hea as cheese and syn a few cups of tea!! a dash of semi skimmed for a cup of tea is only 0.5syns so if only having 2 or 3 i do this.
From the Lifeline Online website:

Q: Can I mix and match my Healthy Extras by halving the portions?

A: Yes, if you like - you’ll still lose weight beautifully! The downside is your speed and fibre symbols would have to be ignored unless your two halves had identical symbols. However, mixing and matching couldn't be done when there are multiple items in one choice. With all single item choices, feel free!
As above the official line is yes but is should be measured like 1/2 3/3 but a dash of milk should be syned or use water in scrammbled eggs in future it works well

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