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Healthy extras

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Healthy Extras' started by Biker Chick, 8 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Just realised I've had no carbs today so could turn out to be a red day but I don't want to eat the second healthy extras for the sake of it. Does anyone have carb free days and only use one of each healthy extra? Or is it not following the plan?

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  3. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    I try to have both heb and hea every day just in case
  4. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Well the day isn't over yet, so you could hang on and see. If you get peckish later then at least you know you have something to fall back on :)

    I wouldn't eat them just for the sake of it though if you feel full.
  5. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    I sometimes have carb free days - I wouldn't worry too much :)
  6. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Thanks guys

    I had 2 heb's & stuck to one hea in the end. I seem to often accidentally have a red day and don't want the lack of correct healthy extras to stall me!

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  7. biddybutts

    biddybutts Member

    Jst wondering can u swap from ee to red some days durin the wk or does it hav to b wk of ee wk of red! I like porridge for breakfast but sometimes wud fancy a sandwich for lunch! Am I right in tinkin on red u hav 2 ha an 2 hb in a day ?
  8. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    You can swap plans as many times a week as you like as long as you do a full day of each. So a red day has to be red start to finish but the next day you can do green then extra easy the next if you like.

    On red and green you get 2 hea's & 2 heb's although they vary depending on which day you do x

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  9. biddybutts

    biddybutts Member

    Tanks biker chick went wit a red day today breakfast lunch was fine was stuck for dinner ended up havin ham salad so tink I'll go bck to ee it's more choice

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