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  1. hanmac

    hanmac Getting her sparkle back

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    Lost 5 stone on Lighter Life and 1 1/2 on Exante! - Put about 2 1/2 stone back on so back to Exante!
    Has anybody else looked at or previously done the 'healthy solution' 4 week reintroduction to food, the Exante equivalent to Lighter Life's Route to Management?

    Looking online it's so vague and there's a few contradictions e.g. In the 'add a meal' week you are allowed mushrooms, but on the healthy solution your not allowed mushrooms until week 2...doesn't make much sense!

    I'm hoping to finish Exante in 2 weeks or so, and am keen to not put the weight back on, but feel a bit unsure about what to do!

    Any help much appreciated :)
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  3. lhs78

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    Where is the info for this online, I can't see it!!!
  4. hanmac

    hanmac Getting her sparkle back

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    Lost 5 stone on Lighter Life and 1 1/2 on Exante! - Put about 2 1/2 stone back on so back to Exante!
    It's on this page Total Solution
    Scroll down to where it says Solutions Booklet - Find out about the Total Solution and theres a downloadable pdf and it's in there :)
  5. MagdaX

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    Lighter Life/ Exante
    How are you finding Exante Hannah?
    I have to say I'm thinking of switching mainly for financial reasons but I'm scared I won't cope with no support and no real RTM.

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  6. Guy

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    Hey Guys,

    I've pasted below a high level guide of the Route to Management plan from Lighterlife (from the RTM forum). I actually lost nearly a stone when I did RTM. I'm essentially planning on using week 1&2 of RTM as my baseline (as I still have all the books etc) when I move to Exante Working solution in a week or two.

    First to second week is three packs plus one protein meal for £49.50, third to eighth week is two packs daily plus meal and snack for £33.00; weeks nine to twelve is one pack daily and three meals for £16.50.

    Week 1
    1 meal, 3 foodpacks, 4 litres of water – £49
    Chicken (skinless)
    Cottage cheese (plain) choose the lowest fat option
    Egg whites, hard boiled
    Fish, any, fresh, frozen or tinned in water/brine
    Quorn, plain
    Shellfish, any
    Tofu, plain, any
    Turkey, skinless

    From day three there is a large list of herbs/spices which can be added, plus a selection of condiments, sauces and dressings. Additionally from day three you can also choose from a selection of green raw vegetables.

    Herbs and spices
    Various including Curry powder; Paprika; Garlic; Mustard; Mixed herbs; Chives.

    Condiments, dressings, sauces etc.
    Various including Balsamic vinegar; Lemon and Lime juices; Milk - skimmed; Tabasco sauce; Soy sauce; Tabasco sauce.

    Raw salad
    Cabbage; Celery; Chicory; Cress, Endive; Lettuce; Spinach; watercress and other mixed salad leaves.

    Week 2
    1 meal + snacks, 3 foodpacks, 3 litres of water – £49

    From Wednesday you can add virtually fat free dips, low cal/diet drinks, and sugar free jelly plus more salad and veg (eat raw), and some dairy including fromage frais and yoghurt. You can now add a snack, for example dip with cucumbers and peppers up to 225g.

    Additional condiments, dressings, sauces etc.
    Dips - virtually fat free; Drinks - low calorie/diet; Sugar-free jelly

    Additional salad and vegetables (raw)
    Broccoli; Cauliflower; Courgette; Cucumber, Fennel; Mangetout; Mushroom; Pepper - sweet, any colour; Radish; Spring Onion

    Very low-fat dairy products and dairy-free alternatives
    Dairy: Curd cheese eg. quark; Fromage frais; Skimmed milk; Yoghurt
    Dairy-free alternatives: Rice milk; Soya fromage frais; Soya milk; Soya yoghurt

    Week 3
    1 meal + snacks, 2 foodpacks, 3 litres of water – £33
    Loads more choices! Red meats (lean, all sorts); lots of fresh fruits; tomatoes (fresh, tinned, passata); cooking sauces (very low fat or fat free), soya mince.

    Additional protein
    Lean Bacon; lean Beef; whole Eggs; Game; lean Ham; Kidney; lean Lamb; Liver; lean Pork; Offal (tongue, heart, sweetbreads, oxtail); Quinoa; Soya mince; Tempeh, Veal, Venison

    Additional condiments, dressings, sauces etc.
    Cooking sauces (shop-bought, fat-free or virtually fat-free)

    Additional salad
    Tomato (fresh, tinned, passata and purée)

    Apple; Blackberries; black, red, whitecurrants; Blueberries; Cherries; Clementine; Damson; Fruit salad; Grapefruit; Grapes; Kiwi; Kumquat; Lemon; Lime; Lychee; Mandarin orange; Nectarine; Orange; Passion fruit; Peach; Pear; Plum; Pomegranate; Raspberries; Rhubarb; Satsuma; Sharon fruit; Strawberries; Tangerine; 100 per cent fruit juice; Fresh fruit smoothie

    Week 4
    1 meal + snacks, 2 foodpacks, 3 litres of water - £33

    From today you can cook my fruit and veg and add onions, spring greens, kale, beansprouts, leek and other stuff.

    Additional salad and vegetables
    Artichoke; Asparagus; Aubergine; Bean Sprouts, Brussels Sprouts, Greens (spring greens); Kale; Kohirabi; Leek, Marrow; Mooli (daikon radish); Okra; Onion; Pak-choi (Chinese leaves); Shallots; Swiss chard

    The best news of all though: you can cook your veg and fruit if you wish!

    Week 5
    2 meals + snacks, 2 foodpacks, 3 litres of water - £33

    Carrots are back on the agenda, as is sweetcorn and beetroot, among others. Alcohol is too! Soup, low fat, even the 'cup-a-soup' variety, and olives. Increase to two protein meals a day, plus more veg and fruit.

    Additional salad and vegetables
    Beetroot; Carrot; Celeriac; Green banana; Parsnip; Plantain; Pumpkin; Squash, Swede, Sweetcorn, Sweet potato; Taro; Turnip; Yam

    Additional condiments, dressings, sauces etc.
    Fat-free or virtually fat-free soup

    Additional fruit

    NEW! Alcohol
    Dry champagne; Liqueurs for cooking only; Dry sherry for cooking only; Any spirits, Red wine; Dry white wine

    Week 6
    2 meals + snacks, 2 foodpacks, 2 and a half litres of water - £33

    Bananas, pineapple and peaches are back!

    Additional fruit, including any dried
    Apricot; Avocado; Banana; dried Cranberries; Currants; Date; Fig; Mango; Melon; dried Mixed fruit; Papaya; Pineapple; Prunes; Raisins; Sultanas

    NEW! Nuts and seeds for cooking only
    Almond; Brazil; Cashew; Hazlenut; Hempseeds; Linseeds; Macadamia; Peanut; Pecan; Pine nuts; Pistachio; Pumpkin seeds; Sesame seeds; Sunflower seeds; Walnut

    Additional condiments; dressings; sauces etc.

    Nothing too exciting there, but you could have parma ham and melon now. Raisins are cool too.

    Week 7
    2 meals + snacks, 2 foodpacks, 2 and a half litres of water - £33

    Beans, pulses, peas, lentils.

    Aduki beans; Baked beans; Black/turtle beans; Black-eyed peas or beans; Borlotti beans; Broad beans; Butter beans; Cannellini beans; Chickpeas; Garden peas; Fine beans; Flageolet beans; Flat beans; French beans; Green beans; Haricot beans, Kidney, Lentils, Mangetout; Mung beans; Pigeon peas; Pinto bans; Romano beans; Runner beans; Split peas; Stick beans; String beans; Soya beans; Sugar-snap peas; Yellow wax beans

    Week 8 - staples trigger week
    2 meals + snacks, 2 foodpacks, 2 litres of water - £33

    Rice (all kinds), potatoes, couscous, pasta, and noodles.

    Day 1-6: Staples - pasta, noodles, couscous, potatoes, casava, rice (NB. trigger foods can only be added to one of your two meals per day).

    Day 7: No trigger foods - choose only from baselines foods

    Basmatic rice; Black rice; Brown rice; Camargue red rice; Easy-cool white rice; Jasmine white Thai rice; Long-grain rice; Risotto rice; Short-grain rice; White rice; Wild rice

    Starchy veg
    Cassava; Potato

    Couscous; Pasta; Noodles

    Week nine £16.50

    Barley, oats, breakfast cereals for six days. Three meals a day plus snacks, and down to one foodpack a day (£16.50 a week) and two litres of water.

    Week ten £16.50


    Week eleven £16.50


    Week 12 £16.50
    Snacks e.g. sweets, chocolate, crisps, jam, nuts.
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